Morocco prevents four Basque parliamentarians from entering Western Sahara

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PUSL.- According to EFE, Basque parliamentarians Carmelo Barrio (PP), Josu Estarrona (EH Bildu), Iñigo Martínez Zatón and Eva Juez (PNV) were expelled by Moroccan occupation authorities on Sunday after trying to enter Western Sahara, where they planned to develop a week of visits and contacts with Saharawi activists.

Basque representatives could not get off the plane at El Aaiún airport.

This is not the first time that a group of Spanish politicians has been forced to return without even stepping on Saharawi territory; In fact, the most common is that this happens almost systematically and Morocco never gives a written expulsion order.

The main argument that Moroccan authorities often use is that visitors declare themselves tourists when they actually travel to engage in diplomatic or political activity, “violating immigration laws” and “with a hostile agenda towards Morocco.”

Morocco has no sovereignty over the non-autonomous territory of Western Sahara, although it is the administrative power, in fact for that reason it does not want to let foreigners tread the ground of Western Sahara. All expulsions are contrary to the law.

– You cannot exit because you have not come by normal route. You have to go through foreign affairs.
– We have the Foreign Affairs communication. An authority has to come here. The Embassy. Poor Saharawis What a shame.
Où est l’authorité? Several times (Where is the authority?)