“Africa Eco Race” Rally accepts Saharawi conditions and crosses the territory with Western Sahara flags

La Realidad Saharaui Newspaper / DLRS, Monday 13 January 2010.- The Saharawi information portal Nuchatta in its January 13 edition informes that the Rally Africa Eco Race has accepted the measures demanded by the Saharawi population that has congregated since Saturday at the Saharawi border crossing with Mauritania, El Guerguerat. After the meeting with Saharawi activists, the race has been able to cross the territory carrying flags of the Saharawi Republic.

The source indicates that on Sunday the Moroccan occupation authorities sent several off-road cars to the area with the aim of assaulting Saharawi activists and expelling them. This is shown in a video that documents an attempt by two vehicles with Moroccan license plates, which were trying to force the road open. But Sahrawi activists prevented it and expelled Moroccan agents in the presence of a MINURSO patrol.

The Saharawis, carrying national flags and banners, began early Monday to stop Rally vehicles and demand that they respect and fulfill their conditions. First, highlighting that they are in territory from the Saharawi Republic and not Moroccan and that they must carry Saharawi flags on their vehicles. At the end and with the mediation of the UN patrol the organization of the Rally accepted the conditions. Sahrawi activists distributed documents about Western Sahara and its conflict with the Moroccan occupier among all participants in the Rally. The participants also collected in their cars Saharawi flags and showed their sign of solidarity from the cabins of their vehicles, as it appears in the images distributed by the activists. On the Saharawi side, no vehicle with a Moroccan license plate was allowed to accompany the Rally.

Thus the Africa Eco Race has crossed Saharawi liberated territories from the Saharawi border point with Mauritania, known as El Guerguerat, on Monday morning.