New Saharawi Government appointed today

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PUSL.- The SPS news agency published that President of the Saharawi Arabe Democratic Republic and General Secretary of the Polisario Front, Brahim Gali, issued today a presidential decree in which he appointed the new government, except the minister for defence which was not appointed yet.

The Polisario representatives for France, Spain, Brussels and Latin America were also not appointed yet.

The new government of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic will be headed by Bucharaya Bayun as prime minister.

Here the list of appointed ministers and governors of the provinces:

1. Bucharaya Hamoudi Beyun, prime minister.
2. Mustafa Muhamad Aali Sid Al-Bashir, Minister of the Interior.
3. Abdallahi Lehbib Balal, Minister of Security and Documentation.
4. Mohamed Salem Salek, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
5. Mansour Omar, Minister of Education and Vocational Training.
6. Jira Bulahi, Minister of Public Health
7. Mohamed Uali Akeik, Minister of the Occupied Territory and Diaspora.
8. Salek Baba Hasanna, Minister of Transportation and Energy.
9. Salem Labsir, Minister of Construction and Reconstruction of liberated territories.
10. Fatima Al Mahdi, Minister of Cooperation.
11. Mohamed Embarek, Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs
12. Hamada Salma Daf, Minister of Information and Government Spokesman.
13. Ghoz Mamouni, Minister of Culture.
14. Suelma Beiruk, Minister of Social Affairs and Promotion of Women.
15. Mohamed Tamek Naanaa, Minister of Personnel, Public Service and Administration Promotion.
16. Babia Shia, Minister of Commerce
17. Sid Ahmed Batal, Minister of Equipment
18. Bulahi Sid, Minister of Economic Development.
19. Musa Salma, Minister of Youth and Sports.
20. Ada Ahmeim, Minister of Water and Environment.
21. Defence Minister – not appointed yet
22. Brahim Mokhtar Bumakhrouta, governor of El Aaiún.
23. Mariam Salek Hmada, governor of Ausserd
24. Mohamad Mustaf Tleimidi, governor of Smara.
25. Mrabih Mami, governor of Dakhla
26. Azza Babbih, governor of Boujador
27. Hama Mohamad Salem Cori (Al-Buniya), governor of the political and administrative unit of martyr Chahid Alhafed.