Moroccan occupation forces surround El Aaiun for celebration of CAN-2020 futsal

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PUSL.- The capital of occupied Western Sahara, El Aaiun, is completely surrounded by the Moroccan occupation forces during the celebration of the Futsal CAN-2020 by Morocco, totally isolating the places where the various events take place.

According to information given to the PUSL, Saharawi human rights activists report that their homes are totally controlled by the police in civil clothes and uniform. They control all their movements to the point that, yesterday afternoon, a young Saharawi was arrested for displaying a Saharawi flag in front of the Nagjir hotel, where some of the teams participating in the sporting event are concentrated.

According to the same sources, the Saharawi population, despite the presence of thousands of members of the occupation forces, is ready to protest this new outrage on the part of the Moroccan occupier and the inaction of the international community.

The celebration of international sporting events in the occupied territories is another way that Morocco uses to “normalize the status quo”.

The celebration of the CAF (African Football Confederation) Indoor Football Championship in El Aaiun received a boycott from South Africa, Algeria and numerous international protests, such as the International Federation against Sports Corruption (FIACS), which requested the African Confederation de Futebol (CAF) to “reconsider the domicile” of this event in this city occupied by Morocco and to respect “the path of international legality”.