Several Saharawi human rights defenders attacked yesterday in occupied El Aaiun

Newspaper La Realidad Saharaui / DLRS, Tuesday 04/02/2020

Several Saharawi human rights defenders were attacked yesterday in occupied El Aaiun

The Rafto Human Rights Award, Mohamed Daddach, was attacked as well the activist Abdelaziz Biay

* Source: Saharawi human rights activists

The peaceful protests carried out by the Saharawi yesterday, Monday, February 3, in the occupied city of El Aaiun, resulted in several injuries, including the Rafto Human Rights Prize Mohamed Daddach. The protest was called by the coordinator of the Saharawi civil movements of the Intifada to condemn the celebration of the CAF Futsal Africa Cup, which Morocco organized in this Saharawi city under military occupation. Activist Abdelaziz Biay said that several civilian and uniformed agents attacked a group of Saharawi activists and former political prisoners when they took to the streets with Saharawi flags to demonstrate against the Futsal Cup that Morocco is organizing in the city. The activist, who accompanied Daddach, reported that the Rafto Prize was taken by several agents to an alley where he could not be filmed and there they carried out his aggression, with beatings, insults and vexations.

Activists were distributing dozens of leaflets to denounce the World Cup celebration. Activist Abdelaziz, wounded in the head, told DLRS that protests against the World Cup will continue until February 7, when the event will end “his adventure” in the Sahara.

Not all African countries participate in this sporting event, one of the continent’s heavyweights, South Africa, boycotted it from the beginning as it included occupied Saharawi territories, as well as Algeria and Mauritius, while other countries related to the Moroccan regime still are in a city whose streets are filled with police devices and the Saharawi population protesting in the streets and in front of the places where the teams playing at CAF are located.