“SIGHS – leaving and returning ” – new book about the Saharawi people

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PUSL.- On March 7 at 7 pm, the book SUSPIROS DE IDA Y VUELTA (SIGHS – leaving and returning) written by Isabel Lourenço and Esperanza Jaén, will be presented at the House of Culture of Lebrija, Sevilla.

The book can be ordered online at Readbook.es or in bookstores.

Interview with Esperanza Jaen and Isabel Lourenço

– When and why did Western Sahara interest you?

Esperanza Jaén has contacted the Saharawi reality for the first time in 1994 through the Holidays in Peace program, Isabel Lourenço began her activism for the Saharawi people after the independence of East Timor and a few years later at the invitation of the Sahara Foundation Western … We are both activists in the defense of the right of the Saharawi people to their independence in accordance with international law.

– How was born the idea of making “SIGHS – leaving and returning”? What will the reader find in this book?

The book consists of stories that we were both writing at the same time and without knowing about each other. Through a mutual friend (Fito Alvarez Tombo) we found out that we were both writing and sent each other the stories. We were very surprised that although with different styles sometimes, the subject and the way of writing and seeing the situation were very similar. So we decided to join the stories and transform them into a common book.

The reader will find reality. He will not find decorated heroes, or glorified martyrs, what he will find is the flesh, blood, nobility, suffering and dignity of the Saharawi people.

– What part of reality and fiction have the stories that are told in this book”? How have you documented to write these stories?

The stories are real, the characters have told us directly or we have lived them ourselves, because we have seen them with our eyes. The creation we make in them is to make them closer to the reader so that he feels and lives them.

How do we know who has written each story?

You will not know, because we have decided to assume both everything that is published. We have worked the stories together because we have many common experiences.

– What audience is this book aimed at?

To all who like to read, to all who want to know more about this people, but especially to people who do not know it. We want them to read it and what they think later is something personal, but we want to contribute so that nobody can say that they have not heard what happens with the Saharawi people.

We want to go further and surpass the circle of friends of the Saharawi People and reach those who do not know the subject. We hope that our readers like the book, that they lend it to their friends, that they give it away as a gift so that the voices of those who do not have it can be heard.

– Any other projects together for the near future?

We do not stop, we have many projects, but to have time is another tune. The truth is that there is much more to tell and the protagonists of this book are just a sample of so many with their history and their message. The immediate project is to make the book reach as many people as possible.