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PUSL.- On the occasion of the death of the Saharawi diplomat, Mr. Mhammad Khaddad, there are thousands of condolences that are sent from all over the world, to the Saharawi People expressing sadness at the irreparable loss of one of their leaders.

Given the impossibility of collecting them all , we transcribe below the text written by Lih Beiruk, where he expresses the human quality and the great commitment that Mr. Mhammad Khaddad had with his people and his struggle for their struggle and freedom.

Genius and figure to the grave.
The Saharawi people mourn the loss of one of their most valuable children.

Cruel irony of chance! April 1, universally consecrated as a day of jokes and revelry, has been a gloomy day for the Saharawi people: the heart of our dear brother Mhammad Khaddad Musa has stopped beating.

The Saharawi people have been living, for more than four decades, with the always sudden loss of many children, many of whom deposited their lives on the altar of sacrifice for the just cause that they had to defend, on the front lines of combat, some others. , always on the front line, in other areas of our long struggle to recover our legitimate rights.

The loss of Mhammad Khaddad Musa represents the end, always premature, of one of the best and most consecrated children of the Saharawi people.

Khaddad not only knew how to defend with the commitment and aplomb of those who feel safe defending a just cause, but he did it without discouragement, from his earliest age, without being frightened by the most uncertain moments in our unequal combat. He always knew how to cope with moments of discouragement with an analysis of an unparalleled sharpness that managed hopes, often lost, of a people that has been unfairly thrown into the vicissitudes of war and forced exile.

Khaddad has been rendering his valuable service to the cause in many areas of our struggle, but it has been, above all, on the diplomatic scene, to which he dedicated the last thirty years, where he contributed his irreproachable credentials as a tenacious negotiator who dominated until boredom. the treasure of subtleties of the ‘bidan’ culture, with the tricks and contraptions of western diplomacy, assisted by a broad culture.

Khaddad represented the consecration of the leader, with a proverbial integrity, where the troubles and rough edges of the trade have not made an impression on the qualities of a modest person in charge with stoicism, cordial in treatment and always ready to fully carry out the delicate missions with those that he had to deal with and that have led him to travel the five continents, to convey the just demands of the Saharawi people and their cause.

He was never part of the cohort of political leaders who, throughout their careers, that have yielded to the tempting mermaids of illicit enrichment, nor did he give any value to comfort, nor to the legitimate calm and peaceful family life that he could only know when, already exhausted and prostrated by the ravages of the disease, he was confined during the few months of his hospitalization.

Mhammad Khaddad was not only a paragon of exemplary qualities, which will not disappear with his physical extinction, but he will be an inexhaustible reference in which Sahrawi women will be inspired for the education of future generations.

In the face of such painful moments, I cannot help but convey to his beloved family and to the entire Saharawi people the words with which Abraham Lincoln wanted to comfort a woman who lost her five beloved children in the war:

“I know how feeble and insufficient any word of mine must be to try to distract you from your grief at such an overwhelming loss, but I cannot refrain from offering you the comfort that may be found in the gratitude of the Republic, to save the one who died.

I pray to the heavenly Father to appease the anguish of your loss, and to leave you only the affectionate memory of the loved ones and the lost, and the solemn pride that you must feel when having made such an expensive sacrifice on the altar of freedom.”

Jadad is dead, but death is nothing when the mission in life has been accomplished, and he did it fully!
Rest in peace.

April 2, 2020.
Lih Beiruk.

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