Hmad Hammad denounces the irresponsibility (or strategy) of Morocco in occupied Western Sahara in face of Covid-19

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PUSL.- According to statements by Sahrawi human rights activist Hmad Hammad, as the world confines itself and prevents movements in the face of the serious Covid-19 pandemic, groups of Moroccan settlers enter occupied Western Sahara with the permission of the Moroccan occupation authorities.

“The illegal Moroccan occupier is carrying out a very dangerous and inhumane strategy in the territories of Western Sahara”

“Last week, in the middle of the Covid-19 quarantine, a group of Moroccan settlers left by bus the Moroccan city of Sauira crossing the international border of Western Sahara. This shameful act, which is an outrage on humanity, was done under state secrecy. The buses were able to pass through all the controls of both the gendarmerie and the police posts, the destiny of these men was to work on the ships belonging to a rich Moroccan settler. ”

The Saharawis in the port of El Aaiún, upon realizing the arrival of this group of settlers, took to the streets shouting ” Morocco out of Western Sahara”. The demonstration was violently repressed, as is the custom, by Moroccan occupation forces.

While the Sahrawis are scrupulously respecting all the containment measures of the covid 19, nor do they visit their relatives detained in Moroccan jails due to the total confinement imposed on them by the Moroccan authorities, just as all burials are carried out without the presence of their families. However, Morocco does not comply with its own laws or international laws, introducing people without any sanitary measure into the occupied territory of Western Sahara. The sailors continue to come from Morocco to the Sahrawi cities, this being one more proof of the denial of employment to Sahrawi citizens, a situation that is continually denounced.

“We ask ourselves here in the occupied areas, who guarantees our survival and health in the face of these inhumane strategies? Who guarantees that these measures are carried out in the occupied areas?

We urgently need protection, Morocco is using the corona virus as a weapon to fight the Saharawi people in Western Sahara, they do not respect us, they do not respect our culture, they do not respect our health nor do they respect our right to exist and to decide our future as an independent country on all our national territory ”.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, – PUSL has denounced the Moroccan maneuvers and the lack of measures to contain Covid-19 by the Moroccan authorities in the occupied territories of Western Sahara: