Saharawi Diaspora repudiates the appointment of Moroccan Ambassador

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PUSl.- The various Saharawi communities in Europe are sending letters to the President of the UN General Assembly (Ambassador Tijjani Muhammad-Bande – Nigeria) repudiating the recent appointment of Ambassador Omar Hilale (Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN) as co-facilitator in the reform process of the human rights treaty system.

PUSL contacted several Saharawi in the Diaspora who say they are outraged by this nomination, which form them is “another proof that the United Nations cannot be trusted”.

Omar Hilale, has in his curriculum a vast experience in corruption activities within the United Nations, as has been denounced by multiple non-governmental organizations worldwide. Numerous confidential documents exchanged between Omar Hilale and the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been published over the years by the whistleblower Chris Coleman (

“Morocco violates all laws, oppresses our people, arbitrarily detains and tortures the Saharawi who protest peacefully! There are rapes, they force prisoners to eat glass, they put them for endless years in isolation and what happens ??? The UN puts the representative of our torturers in a prominent position and with direct influence over the various UN human rights bodies that are supposed to be the mechanisms that should protect us ??? What justice is this? This is a scandal and it just shows that we cannot trust the United Nations! ” says Mohamed a young Saharawi in France.

“They ask us to negotiate, they ask us not to return to war. – For this to be a reality, they cannot continue to betray us! The UN has made promises, Morocco has signed the same agreements as us. And what happens? A rotten cease fire since 1991, an agreement to hold a referendum that is continually boycotted by Morocco, a phrase that is repeated over and over again about “a just solution!” by members of the United Nations.
The just solution is to enjoy our rights enshrined in international law and of which there is no doubt: our self-determination! “Says H. who lives in Belgium.

All the Saharawi we contacted tell us the same “this is an outrage! Putting Morocco with access to act upon Human Rights mechanisms is very serious and naming a person who is known for his acts of corruption is unbelievable!”