Bagpiper Susana Seivane sends a message of support to the Saharawi People

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PUSL.- Susana Seivane is the heiress of one of the most prestigious families in the world of bagpipers and bagpipe artisans in Galicia, the Seivane family. She began her musical career when she turned three years old. Hand in hand with her father Álvaro Seivane, and influenced by piper masters like her grandfather, Xosé Manuel Seivane, Ricardo Portela and Moxenas, she has achieved the respect and admiration of the world of bagpipes and traditional music in Galicia. (Biography

During these days of confinement Susana plays a piece every day from her house to encourage everyone who is confined.

Today Susana wanted to pay tribute to all the Sahrawi people, remembering the confinement that this people has suffered for more than 45 years, a dedication that extends to all those who work for and so that this people does not fall into oblivion.