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PUSL.- In a statement, the Nigerian Movement for the Liberation of Western Sahara renewed its appeal to the Moroccan occupation authorities to release all Sahrawi political prisoners detained in difficult health conditions due to ill-treatment and torture, especially during this period of coronavirus pandemic.

The Nigerian movement expressed concern over the situation experienced by Saharawi political prisoners and referred to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially the 68 cases at Ouarzazate prison, according to official reports from the Moroccan authorities.

Dr Dipu Fashina, the coordinator of the Movement , stressed in the press release that “while Africans are fighting with other peoples of the world to end the human suffering caused by this virus, it is time to freedom lovers from all over the world to join the Saharawi people who are fighting to end colonialism in Africa “.

“As we celebrate Labor Day 2020, we remember the injustice that our comrades have suffered daily in Western Sahara for over 45 years, since the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara” Dr. Fashina stressed the need “of unity of movements rejecting colonialism around the world to end the occupation of Western Sahara” and denounced that Western Sahara, the last colony in Africa, “is subject to illegal military occupation by Morocco and with the support of France and Spain, while its people suffer from a military blockade and media and intimidation, torture and systematic deprivation of their human rights and looting of their natural resources “.