Morocco seeks extradition of Mohamed Dihani, a Saharawi Human Rights activist

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PUSL.- Mohamed Dihani, Saharawi human rights activist and ex-political prisoner was informed by the Tunisian authorities that the Moroccan Government is asking for his extradition from Tunes to Morocco.

The Saharawi activist is well known by all the International Human Rights NGO’s and associations. He was in Moroccan prisons during 6 years from 2009 to 2015.

He is living in Tunisia since last year to undergo medical treatments, a situation that was sponsored by Amnesty International and other Human Rights NGO’s.

Since he left the Moroccan prison Dihani has been very active denouncing the situation of the Saharawi political prisoners. He himself, has undergone heinous tortures and was victim of extreme physical and psychological violence.

In a recent Video Dihani explained in detail what happened o him but also named the Moroccan agents involved in the torture and the arbitrary arrest, as well as the lack of judiciary independence in Morocco. In his latest video Mohamed Daihani made a detailed testimony about the ordeals he passed in a Moroccan secret detention site, the infamous Tmara secret detention camp. He denounced how the Moroccan authorities are torturing innocent prisoners, brainwashing them and forcing them under extreme duress and torture to submit to the will of the Moroccan intelligence signing false confessions stating that they are terrorists. (See videos here:

Dihani further denounced that some of prisoner are forcibly sent to actual terrorist groups such as those in Syria or Mali, others are declared terrorists in Moroccan Medias and used in some highly propaganda campaigns that pretend that the Moroccan services are dismantling terrorist cells.

At the request of (PUSL), Italian lawyer Nicolo Bussolati interviewed Mohamed Dihani today to clarify exactly what happened and how he was informed about the Moroccan extradition request.

According to Lawyer Nicolo Bussoltati, Mohamed Dihani confirmed that, on May 15 2020, he was taken from his home in Tunis by some unidentified individuals in civilian clothes, and put in a vehicle with no distinctive signs.

After a few minutes, these individuals presented themselves as agents of the Tunisian state police, and headed the vehicle towards the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior. Inside the car they informed Dihani that the Moroccan government had requested his extradition as a known terrorist and as a person sought for terrorist offenses committed in Moroccan territory. Dihani had the opportunity to clarify his position with the agents. He described the reasons for his stay on Tunisian territory, and his political activity.

After his explanation, the agents contacted their superiors by phone. They arrived near the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, and awaited the arrival of an official, who joined them at the vehicle. Dihani clarified his position and non-involvement in any terrorist activity again.

The agents accompanied him back to his home, in order to acquire documentation proving what was declared. They also informed him that they would return the next day to obtain other documentation contained in Dihani’s computer. However, they did not show up on the scheduled date / time.

Mohamed Dihani said he was treated courteously and respectfully by the Tunisian state police.