20 May 1973 – the first armed action of the Polisario Front against Spanish colonialism

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FreePUSL.- On May 20, 1973, only ten days after its foundation, the Polisario Front carried out its first armed action against Spanish colonialism. The target was the police station of El Janga.

This action was the first that marked the beginning of the war of liberation and quickly surpassed Spain’s ability to respond and its control over the Saharawi territory.

The following actions strengthened the prestige of the Polisario Front not only vis-à-vis the Saharawi population but also among the Saharawis who served in the Spanish colonial army.

History is known, Spain sold the territory and its inhabitants as if they were a herd of goats to Morocco and Mauritania, yielding this extremely rich country in the Madrid agreements, in an illegal and criminal way.

Then followed the bombing of the Saharawi population with Napalm and White Phosphorus, the Black March (called the Green by the Moroccans), thousands of dead, tortured, disappeared and a war of resistance and valor of the Saharawi until 1991, when the cease-fire was signed.

47 years later, the Saharawi people continue with most of their territory occupied by Morocco, continually betrayed by the international community. The “diplomatic” game in which the great players of the geostrategic board are now “friends” now allies of Morocco, but who clearly do not act for the end of the suffering of Saharawi people.

In April of each year there is the dance of the UN Security Council in which it is decided to extend the mandate of MINURSO (mission to hold the referendum in Western Sahara) following the report of the United Nations SG, much is said and little is done.

Such “friends” (USA, UK, Spain, France and Russia) of Western Sahara are friends to nobody. The United States has been a voluntary allie of the Moroccan force since the beginning with one or two exceptions, Spain and France for different but very similar reasons as well, the United Kingdom pretends to be neutral without ever having put it’s foot down. Of the 5 Russia in 2019 and 2020 was more critical and more favorable to the Saharawi people

It should be understood that nothing is required of them only to respect and implement a Referendum, drawn up, designed and conceived within the United Nations for the sole purpose of giving the people the choice of independence, integration or supposed autonomy within the Kingdom of Morocco.

The result of this vote is obvious, and the decades of brutal repression by the Moroccan authorities, political, social and economic apartheid in the occupied territories, and the suffering and agony of 43 years of exile in refugee camps in the middle of the desert of death, served only to reinforce this people’s unwavering desire to be sovereign.

Nothing comes from the West, the present impasse exists precisely because of the actions of Western countries that are patting the Saharawi back or regretting their suffering, allowing year after year the heinous crimes of Morocco.

With excuses of economic agreements that are nothing more than a farce, a poorly staged theater. Whoever buys and deals with the thief (Kingdom of Morocco) can do so with the legitimate owner (SADR).

Many claim to have the cause and suffering of the Sahrawis in their hearts, for it is time to take it from the heart and place it on the table. It is time for the last colony of Africa and for Europe to finally take its responsibility before this people.

The truth is that the Saharawi people at this time can count on the unconditional support of the African Union, even though some countries sell themselves to Morocco, and to Latin American countries. The change will not come from the West, the change will come from the bosom of the Saharawis, from their courage, their persistence, their unshakable belief in their homeland.

Their struggle is a fair struggle, but as history writes and rewrites, justice is not the concern of the dominant states, no matter how much marketing they do, justice is only the concern of the people.

Long live the Free and Independent Sahara