Letter of thanks from former Saharawi political prisoner Mahfouda Elfakir

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PUSL.- Mahfouda Elfakir who was released on May 15 after 6 months and 17 days imprisonment sends a letter of thanks for the requests for release during her incarceration in the black prison of El Aaiun.

Sentenced to 6 months in prison on December 12, 2019, a sentence that was reaffirmed at the appeal trial on October 28, 2019, she was detained an additional 17 days in prison beyond the 6 months.

The young mother, a member of the association “Coordinator of Gdeim Izik” and the Moroccan human rights association, was arrested in the court of El Aaiún on the pretext of “assaulting an official” at the end of the process of Mansour Elmoussaoui, who was convicted to 1 month in prison. Mansour was trialed on 28 October 2019 and accused of participating in the celebrations of the Algerian team’s victory in the Africa Cup.

Mahfouda was taken on Saturday, November 16, before the kingdom prosecutor without the presence of her lawyer, and detained in the black prison of El Aaiun. The family was prevented from giving her the medicines they take on a daily basis, knowing that Mahfouda would be detained and awaiting surgery for several months.

Mahfouda’s health deteriorated rapidly and prison officials were forced to call an ambulance. Ambulance health workers injected Mahfouda with a substance without checking her pre-existing medical condition.


Occupied Laayoune in: 25/05/2020

From the former Saharawi prisoner ” Mahfoda bamba Echarif El faquir”

To all who showed solidarity with the issue of my arrest and unfair trials.

Subject: A message of gratitude and thankfulness

Greetings derived from the principles of the immortal 20 May Revolution :


Sisters, brothers:

I have the honor, a few days after my release, to write my letter to all who were in solidarity with me, foreigners or Sahrawis, in the occupied areas, Sahrawi refugee camps and in various parts of the world.

I am unable to express my gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation to the Sahrawi state and the free people from around the world ,about all the psychological and moral support that they provide to me and to my family when I was in the prison of the Moroccan occupation.

I do not conceal to everyone that inside my cell I was getting only few informations About the solidarity with me, but it formed a solid fuel to face the executioners who tried to break my will and discouraged me from continuing to believe in the principles of the Polisario Front , that I have breastfed and learned from my early childhood, from the suffering and tragedies of a people who believes in freedom and independence.

All what you have done “protests , media campaigns, praying for me , and contacting my family and my minors children, was credited with breaking the enemy’s scheme and strengthening my resolve to survive until I gained a small portion of my freedom, which remains deficient as long as my comrades are facing harsh penalties in the prisons of the Moroccan occupation ,and as long as the Sahrawi people are deprived of their right to self-determination and independence.

Today, as I write to you, I do not need to remind you the necessity of completing the pressure on the Moroccan occupation state until the final release and the unconditional release of all Sahrawi civilian prisoners, And until our people get their right to self-determination and the sovereignty of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic over all national territory.

Also, on this occasion, I extend my sincere thanks to the Sahrawi state, with all its institutions, for the tremendous efforts it has made to support the Sahrawi prisoners and their families,and for its contacts through all available means to demand their release and to inform about their detentions and the miserable conditions in prisons ,where they suffer from racism, physical torture and Maltreatment .

So thank you so much about all statements, messages, announcements, phone calls and solidarity Emails to congratulate me about my release from the prison, thank you very much to those who visited me at the house of my father ” Bemba Sharif el faquir “, despite the police blockade and despite the Coronavirus and the precaution and caution it imposes.

Sisters, brothers:

I am very grateful to all the democratic and progressive forces in the world from different groups, which have been striving honorably, in support of the oppressed, and in fulfillment to the principles they believe in in order to support all oppressed people, on top of it “the Sahrawi people “, who have not and will not forget all the honorable people who stood with him in his difficult ordeal.

The human values that democratic forces believe in; It is the guiding light for our people in its long journey to break the shackles of the Moroccan occupation and all the international forces supporting it, our people will remain loyal to the values that equate human beings and guarantee their rights.

Sisters, brothers:

I would like to conclude my message to you by saying that the attempts and interference by the Moroccan occupation state are pioneering the struggle of our people and building its institutions: the Popular Front for the Liberation of Sakia El Hamra and Wadi El Dahab , is only a failed attempt to escape in an attempt to delude the world through his hired media, that he decisions the battle with our people, but the reality proves that our people’s steadfastness in its various points of existence, and it also proves that no words rise above the voice of the people and the voice of the free nation.