Saharawi human rights activist, Sultana Khaya was attacked by the Moroccan occupation forces

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PUSL.- The house of Saharawi human rights activist Sultana Khaya was attacked by the Moroccan occupation forces. The attack was led by Brigadier General Mohamed Al-Madfai, deputy head of the security zone in the occupied city of Boujdour.

Sultana Khaya and her sister were victims of physical and verbal abuse. According to our sources the police agents not only harrassed, intimidated and verbally insulted the Saharawi activist they also spit on her and her sister and beat them.

After the, attack the house remaibed under strict surveilance and siege surrounded by vehicles of the Moroccan occupation authorities.

The attack was brutal and made without any regard for the security measures of the covid pandemic that are publized by the Moroccan authorities.

Once again the intimidation and violations of the most basuc rights of the Saharawi people was evident in this attack.

No search warrant was shown and the night raid into the house of Sultana Khaya is even a violation of Moroccan law.