Trial of Saharawi Political Prisoner Houcein Amaadour postponed

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PUSL.- According to information from human rights activists on the ground the trial of Houcein Amaadour that was scheduled for yesterday was postponed. Amaadour refused to take part in the trial since the most basic rights of a fair trial were not guaranteed as the right to defense and the safeguards related to the Covid pandemic were also not in place. The family, of saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour (Husein Brahim) informed previously that the appeal trial was scheduled for yesterday via video conference instead of 8th of July as previously scheduled by the court.

On Wednesday 27th of May the appeal trial of saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour (Husein Brahim) started via videoconference. Mr. Amaadour refused to participate in the video conference trial, arguing that the Moroccan Judiciary intends to “hide” his trial during the Covid pandemia and so close his file.

After the refusal of Mr. Amaadour the trial was postponed to 8th of July 2020.

The Marrakesh appeal court had postponed the appeal trial of the young Saharawi on the 22nd of April. Amaadour was sentenced to 12 years in prison on 26 November 2019.

At the November trial, several international observers were present.

Mr. Amaadour’s trial has been postponed several times. The young activist has been detained since January 17, 2019 without being tried. 314 days of arbitrary detention without trial, which is well beyond the deadline set by Moroccan law of 30 days renewable twice.

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