Confrontations between emigrants and Moroccan occupation authorities in El Aaiun

PUSL.- Today the over 250 sub-Saharan emigrants that are detained in Dechira Primary School in El Aaiun had a confrontation with the Moroccan police authorities due to the inhumane conditions and the lack of appropriate food that they have been given for the last 4 days. The Moroccan authorities put these workers who live and work in El Aaiun in quarantine inside the school alleging that they are the source of Covid-19 in the occupied territories.

In the video below, we can see the boxes with improper food and the numerous police that is surrounding the school in confrontations with the emigrants. During the confrontations ten migrants were injured.

According to a journalist of Al Gargarat media, the emigrants refuse to remain in quarantine inside the school because they are given bad food and there are no adequate conditions for them to stay in this place, not enough showers nor sleeping accommodation.

” The Moroccan authorities can no longer deny the cases of Covid-19 infection in the occupied territories and want to blame the sub-Saharan emigrants. For months the Moroccan occupation authorities have been introducing infected Moroccan workers and settlers into our country but now they use our African brothers as scapegoat” denounced the journalist.

The emigrants were tested for Covid-19 and are now waiting for the results in inhumane conditions. The school is surrounded by police and no one can interview or talk to the emigrants not even through the doors or from the windows.

The “quarantine” of these workers is similar to a prison and has no similarity to medical prevention.

“Morocco uses racism against its own African brothers and sisters, and calls them Africans like if they themselves are not Africans because their skin is lighter. We are all Africans, but Morocco occupation is colonial, the Moroccan Kingdom has the mentality of the Europeans of the 18th century, they see us as inferiors, that only shows how much they still have to develop to understand humanity” tells us a young Saharawi student.