Saharawi political prisoner Ahmed Sbaai victim of Medical neglect

PUSL.- According to information received from the family of Ahmed Sbaai, the saharawi political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik group had severe breathing difficulties yesterday and, was taken to the hospital to receive oxygen.

Sbaai was sent back to Kenitra prison shortly after without proper medical assistance or follow up by the medical staff of the prison.

As all prisoners of the group Sbaai was victim of extreme torture despite of his pre existing heart disease.

Maitre Ouled, lawyer of these prisoners recalled that since the sentencing in July 2017 she is repeatedly sending complaints to the Moroccan authorities regarding the degrading health conditions of this group and the intentional medical neglect they are victims of.

We recall that Mr. Sbaai testified that during his torture in 2010 by the Moroccan authorities the medical staff present urged the guards to stop the torture to avoid his death due to his heart condition.

Below the list of articles referring to Mr. Sbaai:

His testemony during the trial of 2017 can be consulted at:

Several prisoners of this group have ongoing complaints in the UN Comittee against Torture. Although urgent measures were granted to all of them, Morocco so far did not comply with any of them.

Maitre Ouled voiced her concern for the physical and psychological integrity of her clients. She added that the morrocan authorities have widely demonstrated that they have no will to comply with their international commitments. Her last complaint for Mr Zawi who is also denied medical assistance received an answer in which the ministry of justice commentend that it was not under its jurisdiction.