Saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour (Husein Brahim) in isolation goes on Hunger Strike

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PUSL.- On the 22nd of July after the return of Saharawi political prisoner Lahoucine Amaadour (Husein Brahim) from the Court of Appeal in Marrakech, the young man was placed in an isolation / punishment cell known as “Kachó” and went on a hunger strike.

Amaadour refused to participate in the discussion of his case, arguing that his family was not present. His lawyer was also absent, as he was not informed of the trial session and therefore requested an adjournment.

As soon as he returned to Oudaya prison, Marrakesh the young man was sent to the “Kachó” (punishment cell) where he was told that he would spend 15 days in “quarantine”. “Kachó” is feared by all prisoners in Moroccan prisons, as it is a tiny space without ventilation that resembles a box.

Amaadour, who has been the target of successive ill-treatment and postponed trials, decided to go on a hunger strike, according to sources on the ground.

Amaadour’s trial is now scheduled for September 23, 2020.

We recall that Amaadour arrived in Lanzarote on January 11, 2019 on an illegal vessel to apply for political asylum in Spain. The young student leader feared for his life because of his political views. The Spanish authorities decided not to leasten to the young man’s request and sent him to Naador, Morocco, handing him over to the Moroccan authorities in an illegal process that goes against international law.

Amaadour was known for his political activity and one of the leaders of the Association of Saharawi Students who defends the rights of students, but also advocates the independence of Western Sahara and it was more than obvious that he would be the target of arrest and torture upon arrival in Morocco.

After successive postponements of his trial and arbitrary detention for more than 300 days Amaadour was sentenced to 12 years in prison on 26 November 2019 without any incriminating evidence in a process that did not respect either Moroccan law or international law.

The appeal process that started on April 22, 2020, but has been successively postponed. Amaadour refuses to participate in a process that does not safeguard the minimum guarantees of a legal process, including the presence of his lawyer.

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