Young Saharawi activist in protest in Smara on a Water tower

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PUSL.- The young Saharawi activist Mohamed Saluki started today, at 10 am, a protest at the top of a water tower in the city of Smara, occupied territories in Western Sahara. After a few minutes, police, intelligence agents and settlers begin to gather and threaten Mr. Saluki. At the beginning of the afternoon a group of Moroccan deputies approached him promising him work and Mr Saluki left the protest place.

Saluki is known as a very activ student during his time in the University in Morocco, where he participayed in non violent protest advocating for the Saharawi cause and the rights of the Students.

On his return to the occupied territories of Western Sahara, to Smara city he was able to work only for a short period due to the continuous harrasment of the Moroccan occupation authorities.

Currently unemployed he protests against the harassment of the authorities that prevent him to earn his living.

The protest of Mr. Saluki is one more evidence and result of the apartheid regime of the Moroccan occupier that puts the Saharawi population in forceful empoverishment, while the Moroccan settlers enjoy not only work but also higher pay and tax exemptions compared to the condition in Morocco.