Saharawi Political Prisoner Mohamed Bourial in protest

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PUSL.- Saharawi political prisoner, Mohamed Bourial of the Gdeim Izik group started this friday a 48 hours protest refusing to ingest any food.

Mohamed Bourial who has a 30 years sentence, is currently detained in Tiflet 2 prison in Morocco, over 1200km from his homelands capital El Aaiun.

In prolonged solitary confinement for two years and detained since 2010, Bourial has been victim of torture and consistent ill treatment, harassment and medical neglect. Mr. Bourial has a stomach hernia for which he receives no treatment.

On friday 31st of July, Mr. Bourials cell was searched not respecting the guidelines of article 68 of the moroccan prison law. The guards that searched his cell for over one hour also did not respect the basic sanitary and security measures during the Covid pandemic. They did not use masks nor gloves or other protection materials.

The four books that he had in his cell, with the knowledge and authorization of the prison, were taken away this week.

Mr. Bourial who spends 23 hours per day in his cell is now deprived from one of the few intelectual estimula (books) essential to endure prolonged solitary confinement.

In protest against this arbitrary punishment Mr. Bourial decide to start a 48 hour fast.