Morocco continues to cover up murder of young Saharawi

PUSL.- Said Dambar’s family home in El Aaiun, occupied Western Sahara, again under police siege.

The occupation authorities prevented access for the various human rights activists and journalists to enter the Dambar family home, which marked the 116th month of the murder of the young Saharawi at the hands of the Moroccan terror regime.

According to members of the Al Gargarat media group, the police surrounding the house prevented them from approaching and making a video report.

Dambar was assassinated by a Moroccan police officer on 12/22/2010 with several gun shots, one of them between the eyes, when leaving a cybercafé after a football game broadcast on the spot. Only a day later, on 12/23/2010, the chief physician of El Aaiún hospital informed the family of Said Dambar’s death, indicating that the bullet that went through the skull was the cause of death.

From that date onwards and due to the family’s insistence on an autopsy and their protests for the murder of Dambar, the Moroccan occupation police began to constantly harass the family and encircle their home, sometimes with incursions into the home resulting in injuries among family members. Several of the walls of the house have marks of shots and the family showed in 2014 to the international observer, Isabel Lourenço, how they had to close the door of the house and then put a tree trunk to reinforce the door to give the family time to dress, in particular children and women, before the various nocturnal incursions of the occupying forces that acted with extreme violence.

The police officer suspected of having committed the murder was sentenced to 15 years in prison on 12-10-2011. The family was not allowed to attend the trial. The judge denied that an autopsy was carried out and only policemanJamal Takermcht was charged. The judges final sentencing denied any responsibility or involvement on the part of the Moroccan state.

The family has suffered daily reprisals since the death of Said Dambar due to the denunciations they have made at all international levels. This is yet another example of the Moroccan terror regime. Dambar was assassinated just over a month after the dismantling of the protest camp of Gdeim Izik, when the Moroccan authorities exercised particular repression on the Saharawi population in the face of the silence of the international community and especially MINURSO – the “peace” mission of the Nations United on the ground.