Polisario appeal will be examined by the Court of Justice of the European Union

PUSL.- The Court of Justice of the European Union has accepted the examination of the complaint presented by Polisario complaint regarding the EU’s violation by including products from occupied Western Sahara in the EU/ Morocco association agreement.

On June 23rd 2020 Polisario Front presented an appeal to the Court of Justice of the European Union requesting the annulment of the decision of the Council of the EU which did not respect the rulings of the European Court.

The decision adopted by the Council of the European Union used subterfuge and change of vocabulary to reach its goal and circumvent International Law. The whole process was tainted by corruption and even the resignation of a MEP (see article here).

The Court of Justice of the European Union has now agreed to examine Polisario’s appeal that was presented last June 23 and entails the request of the annulment of the Council decision regarding the monitoring of the application of the provisions of the Agreement of 25 October 2018 modifying Protocols No.1 and No.4 of the framework of association between Morocco and the EU.

According to Gilles Devers who is the Polisario Front’s lawyer, the Council lacks competence to adopt the decision, since neither the European Union nor the Kingdom of Morocco have the competence to make an international agreement applicable to Western Sahara, replacing the Saharawi people and it’s legal representative the Polisario Front. This complaint joins now the previous appeal of Devers against decision n ° 2019/217, of January 28, 2019, by the EU council on the inclusion of products originating in Western Sahara in the agreement with Morocco.

Polisario took the decision to fight in the legal arena of the European Union and it seems to be far from over. The Court of Justice of the European Union will be hard pressed to uphold international Law which seems to be always ignored when Morocco is concerned.