Videoconference on violence on conflict highlights the plight of Saharawi Women

PUSL.- The international Women’s organization “Marcha mundial das Mulheres” organized a videoconference about Militarism: violence and conflict.

The goal of the conference was to approach how women livingvin occupied and fragile territories have been dealing with it in the african continent.

Panelists from Western Sahara, Mozambique and Somalia gave their testemonies.

Maryam Hamdi from the occcupied territories of Western Sahara denounced the continues human rights violations against the Saharawi population by the Moroccan occupying forces. She explained the difficulties to access education and the reprisals and punishments ypung Saharawi are exposed too in the apartheid regime of Moroccan occupation.

The daily struggle and non violent resistance of Saharawi women was another topic that Ms. Hamdi explained to the audience, referring also to recent alternative nobel price winner Aminetou Haidar.