CODESA helds its founding congress

PUSL.- According to a press release of CODESA ( Collective of Sahrawi Human Rights Defenders) founding congress of this NGO was held last 26th September 2020, in the city of El Aaiun in Occupied Western Sahara.

The founding congress was named after the deceased political prisoner in Moroccan jails, Martyr “Hasana Taleb Buya El-Wali” and Martyr “Ibrahim Mohamed Saika”, under the slogan: “the Saharawi human rights movement: for the masses, militant, united, renovated and continuous”.

After discussion, amendment and approval of the congress proposed documents (the statute, the guiding principles and the congress statement), the congress held elections of the administrative organs of the NGO, the 18 members of the executive office according to article 14 of the statute and the 41 members of the administrative committee according to article 10 of the statute.

The founding congress adopted an advanced approach and strategy to deal with Human Rights situation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara which is reflected in the final statement of the congress. In brief, the congress reaffirmed that:

1. The question of Western Sahara is and remains a question of decolonisation and the Moroccan presence in Western Sahara is and remains a military occupation according to the international humanitarian law.

2. The Spanish state, as an administering power, is legally and politically responsible for ending occupation in Western Sahara, and should be held accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanity and gross violations of human rights that the Sahrawi people are exposed to under the Moroccan occupation.

3. The critical need to consider and to implement international humanitarian law and the law of occupation as the foundational framework for the debate around the legal status of the occupied Western Sahara.

4. The international community is responsible to provide the necessary protection for the Saharawi civilians in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, to end the sufferance of the Saharawi refugees, and to respect and protect the territorial integrity of Western Sahara and the national unity of the Saharawi people, by applying the international law and providing the Saharawi people with their right to self-determination.

5. The sovereignty over Western Sahara and its natural resources is an exclusive right of the Saharawi people. And that any exploitation of those natural resources requires the consent of the Saharawi people through it legal representative the POLISARIO Front regardless the benefits and the developments claims.

6. The necessity of direct involvement and presence of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the occupied territory of Western Sahara to monitor the Human Rights situation and to protect the Saharawi civilians from the grave Human Rights violation committed by the Moroccan occupying power and to work on the immediate and unconditional release of all Saharawi political prisoners and to reveal the fate of the disappeared Saharawis.

The elected executive office of CODESA consist of :
1. President: Babouzaid Mohamad Saeed (Babuzaid Lebeihi)
2. First vice-president: Izana Mohamad Mbarek (Izana Amaidan)
3. Second vice-president: Khadijattu Sidi Al-Bukhari Omar (Khadijattu Deih)
4. Secretary: Abdelkhalek Lefdeel Sidi Mohamad (Abdelkhalek Elmerkhi)
5. Deputy secretary: Deish Sidi Daaf (Deich Daff)
6. Treasurer: Saleh Mohamad Ali Najem Bani (Saleh Rguaibi)
7. Deputy treasurer: Al-Bakay Sleima Al-Bakay (Al-Bakay Al-Arabi)

And the following Advisers:
8. Jamaa Abdullah Mellouk (Jamaa Ebbeih)
9. Ahmad Brahim Mohamad (Ahmad Abbaali)
10. Sheikh Al-Kouri Banga (Cheikh Banga) – Gdeim Izik political Prisoner
11. Um Al-Moumneen Hamdi Naffaa (Um Al-Moumneen Yaya)
12. Atikou Mohamad Omar (Atikou Barray)
13. Lehbib Mohamad Bachir (Lehbib Boutenguiza)
14. Salka Baba Afeidal ( Salaka Aomar)
15. Fekkou Salma Daddi (Fekkou Lebeihi)
16. El-Aarbi Saeed Mohamad (El-Aarbi Masaaoud)
17. Ali Salem Al-Mami Tamed (Ali Salem Tamek)