Saharawi caravan in non-violent protest blocks the passage of El Guerguerat and demands its legitimate rights

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This morning Saharawi civilians closed the illegal passage made by Morocco in El Guerguerat.

They arrived in vehicles from refugee camps, liberated territories and Mauritania. They traveled hundreds of kilometers to reach the area of ​​El Guergarat, an illegal passage that Morocco uses to enter and leave the territories it occupies militarily.

Saharawi have been waiting since 1991 for a referendum that was agreed with the signing of the ceasefire between the Polisario Front (legitimate representative of the Saharawi people) and the Kingdom of Morocco, under the auspices of the UN and the African Union.

Among the many violations by Morocco, the refusal to demining, human rights violations, kidnappings, torture, arrests of political activists, the slaughter of camels, the theft of natural resources and private property of the Saharawis, Morocco added the opening and use of the illegal passage of El Guergarat which has been a hot focus between the two parties and which the United Nations Security Council has so far neither closed nor intervened to end the illegal passage of Moroccan vehicles.

The non-violent protest by Saharawi civilians immediately provoked the reaction of Morocco that it is sending dozens of military vehicles with soldiers ready to attack once again an unarmed population in a civic protest as it did in 2010 in Gdeim Izik in which MINURSO (Mission of UN Peace) did not defend Saharawi civilians despite the fact that Morocco violated the ceasefire agreement and put tens of thousands of civilians under military siege for a month and then brutally dismantled it.

On Saharawi social networks circulate videos collected in the area where Moroccan army units are seen moving to the area of ​​El Guerguerat through the occupied part, as can be seen in this video published by the DRLS in which a Moroccan driver is repeating: Yes, the military goes to El Guerguerat “.

As published on social media, the Polisario Front issued a statement reminding Morocco that Saharawi citizens, peaceful civilians, protest as they did in the past and how they will do it and will not stop doing it while their lands are occupied, they protest – and have the right to do so, while the illegal strip continues to exist or the illegal crossing of the El Guerguerat border takes place.
President Brahim Ghali in a statement to the press yesterday warned the Moroccan regime that “Any attack on any Saharawi civilian outside the wall of shame in the Guerguerat region will be considered a declaration of war”.

The Saharawi government spokesman said that this frantic and rude propaganda campaign unmistakably reveals the aggressive intentions of the Moroccan occupation state to drag the entire region into the unknown in an effort to maintain its illegal occupation. the territory and plunder its natural resources and maintain the current impasse of the peace process.

The statement from the Saharawi Political Directorate underlines that this deliberate campaign to disinform Moroccan occupation aims to divert attention from the internal reality of Morocco, which is experiencing a situation of political, social and economic upheaval.

The POLISARIO Front affirms that a regime of occupation and oppression like that of Morocco isto an inevitable defeat and its definitive withdrawal from the territories of Western Sahara “.

Finally, the Saharawi communiqué calls on the UN Security Council to take a clear and firm stand on this dangerous escalation of fallacies and manipulative disinformation campaigns that only endanger the situation in the region.