Saharawi NGO and its activists under attack by Moroccan occupation authorities

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PUSL.- ISACOM the recently founded saharawi NGO in the occupied territories of Western Sahara is been targeted by the Moroccan Kingdom and several of its members have their houses under siege.

On 20th of September, ISACOM held its founding assembly and elected the members of the direction which include Aminetou Haidar as president amongst other Saharawi high profile human rights defenders. Most of the members are ex-political prisoners, victims of torture and known for their continous non violent resistance.

The Moroccan Prosecutor’s Office opened a judicial investigation against the new Saharawi independence association “Saharawi Instance against the Moroccan occupation” (Isacom), in El Aaiún (capital of Western Sahara), for ” attempt against national integrity “.

The spanish news agency EFE published that the Attorney General of the Court of Appeal of El Aaiún , stated that the constituent congress of the new independence NGO contains “a clear incitement to commit acts contrary to the Penal Code.”

For Morocco even to pronounce or write ‘Western Sahara’ is considered an attempt against the “territorial integrity of the Kingdom”.

According to the Attorney General of the Court of Appeal of El Aaiún “adequate” measures will be taken to preserve public order, as well as “legal sanctions” appropriate for the crime of attacking the territorial integrity of Morocco.

In its constitutive declaration, Isacom appealed to the Saharawi population to “carry out its duty of struggle through intense participation in all forms of militancy that demand the end of the occupation, the liberation of the land and the Saharawi individual, and the protection of all your rights “.

Morocco seems to tremble before the unity of the Saharawi resistance who have been developing non violent actions since the cease fire in 1991.

Morocco is afraid of words, statements, meetings, slogans, assemblies and news adticles.

The Kingdom fears women and men who speak about International Law, humanitarian law and the UN resolutions.

And like a wounded animal Morocco only knows one course of action : violence