New Postponement of hearings of young Saharawi political prisoners Bouzid and Bega

PUSL.- On Tuesday, October 06, 2020, the hearings of the young Saharawi political prisoners, Mansour Othman Bouzid Al-Moussaui and Salek Bega were postponed for the fourth time. The hearings are now scheduled for 20th of October, 2020.

The hearings were postponed in order to allow the presence of witnesses in the case, who so far were not heard.

At the same time the families of these prisoners organized a non violent protest in front of their houses in El Aaiun, which were under a siege by the Moroccan occupation authorities.

The two political prisoners were arrested after the celebrations of the Algerian victory in the African Football Cup in 2019 and had already several postponements of hearings. They were victims of false accusations that so far have not been proven and sentenced to one-year sentence.