Saharawi political prisoners Bourial and Abbahah in protest

PUSL.- Saharawi political prisoners Mohamed Bourial and Sidi Abdallah Abbahah, both belonging to the group of prisoners known as Gdeim Izik, will start a 48-hour protest fast tomorrow against the reprisals of which they are victims. The increasing harassment and ill-treatment of these prisoners by the Moroccan authorities is a clear reprisal for having submitted communications to the United Nations Committee against Torture. (íritu/).

Mr. Mohamed Bourial and Mr. Sidi Abdallah Abbahah, who have been in prolonged solitary confinement since 2017, despite the provisional protective measures granted by the United Nations Committee against Torture (CAT), have been subjected to abuse and increased psychological pressure in the past few weeks.

The health situation of both prisoners is very worrysome, Abbahah did not receive any medical care during his incarceration and Bourial is in a situation of serious physical and psychological suffering, even asking his family to transmit it to his lawyer, Maître OULED Olfa, that he “is gradually losing his mind”.

Morocco again does not respect its international commitments. The Kingdom signs and ratifies treaties and conventions with the sole purpose of changing its international image to obtain millions in incentives and economic aid, but without changing the reality on the ground and continuing to carry out medieval, violent and repressive actions against all those who defend human rights.