Saharawi political prisoner El Hafed Iazza intentionally exposed to Covid 19

PUSL.- The administration of the Bouzkarn prison, Morocco, placed a common crime prisoner infected with Covid 19 in the cell where the Saharawi political prisoner Yahya Mohammed El Hafed Iazza is located. .

Iazza has severe respiratory problems, suffers from asthma and his health has been deteriorating due to inhumane detention conditions since his detention on 27 February 2008.

The cells he has passed through all lack the minimum hygiene conditions, are full of worms, without proper ventilation and full of humidity.

The decision to place a prisoner infected with Covid 19 in the same cell as Iazza equals an assassination attempt.

During the 12 years he has been detained, Iazza has been in several prisons and has always been detained with prisoners of common crime, many of them with contagious infectious disease.

Iazza, 55, with a 15-year sentence, suffers from serious health problems due to torture, ill-treatment, degrading conditions of incarceration and continued medical negligence by the Moroccan authorities.