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PUSL.- The 14 and 15th of October, Saharawi political prisoner Houcein Zawi of the group of prisoners known as Gdeim Izik, made a 48-hour protest fast against the reprisals of which he is victim,. The increasing harassment and ill-treatment of Mr. Zawi by the Moroccan authorities during his stay in TanTan prison worsened his health status that is already deplorable. The racist and discriminatory treatment Mr. Zawi was subjected to in TanTan included receiving inedible food, the withholding of his belongings by the authorities and constant harassment.

On the return to Kenitra prison Mr. Zawi was handcuffed for the entire journey of 911km.

We recall that Mr. Guterres, United Nations Secretary General, alerted in his recent report to the UN Security Council that the OHCHR received several reports about torture, ill-treatment and medical neglect in Moroccan prisons, of prisoners such as the Gdeim Izik group.