Moroccan Supreme Court will have a hearing on Gdeim Izik

gdeim izik

PUSL.- According to information of Maitre Olfa Ouled the lawyer of the Gdeim Izik Group the Court de Cassation (Moroccan Supreme Court) will have a hearing on the Gdeim Izik issue on November 4th 2020 at 09h30.

We recall that the last trial of the Gdeim Izik Prisoners ended in July 2017 and the Court de Cassation so far did not have a hearing on the case validity.

The Military court of 2013 was annulled after a decision of the Supreme Court in 2016 which referred the case to a civil court.

Both trial lacked the most basic principles of a fair trial and the request of the prisoners for an independent investigation into to the torture they have continuously denounced was not made in either trial.

Maitre Olfa Ouled told PUSL the she doesn’t expect anything since the court de cassation did not treat the statement of torture but that it’s time for Morroco to respect interim measures issued by the Committee against Torture.