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PUSL.- Today a group of Saharawi civilians, men, women and children, demonstrated in front of Moroccan soldiers stationed on the wall near Mijek in southern Western Sahara.

Protesters demand an immediate closure of the illegal breach in Guergarat , the referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara, the inclusion of the human rights mandate in MINURSO and the withdrawal of Morocco from Western Sahara.

During the demonstration, a helicopter flew over Saharawi civilians in the part of the liberated territories.

These demonstrations by Saharawi civilians have been replicating in recent days, being a clear warning to the international community that the Saharawi people have reached the end of their patience after 45 years of occupation and 29 years of waiting for the referendum.

The totally unarmed demonstrators did not waver before the armed Moroccan soldiers who were surprised by this display of Saharawi bravery.

The only weapons of the Saharawis, men and women and children, are their convictions and courage.

One of the protesters addresses Moroccan soldiers and officers and says: “It is in your interest to leave our country instead of waging a war where you will be the victims.”

Protesters also shout:

The UN is complicit in the occupation, because it has not done anything for 30 years!

There is no other solution than self-determination!

Our homeland or martyrdom!

We just want our homeland!

Martyrs rest in peace as we follow your path to freedom!

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