PUSL.- After 17 days of blocking the illegal Moroccan breach in El Guergarat, Saharawi protesters have not moved. No transport passes through the breach that was illegally opened by Morocco in clear violation of the signed agreements and with the complicit silence of the United Nations whose Peace Mission on the ground does not fulfill its duty and on several occasions even delivered Saharawi civilians to the Moroccan occupying forces to be tortured.

Morocco’s impunity, violation after violation of international law, international humanitarian law, the agreements signed between the parties and the constitutive act of the African Union, led the Saharawis to say Enough after 29 years of waiting for the promissed referendum.

Protesters reaffirm that MINURSO is an accomplice in Morocco.

In the videos sent to us, we can see and hear the protesters saying that “MINURSO is an accomplice of Morocco, we will not cooperate or talk to them” and one demonstrator declares: “We announce to the world public opinion and to the Saharawi civil society today, November 5th at ten in the morning that we have audio evidence and images of MINURSO’s complicity with the occupation forces of Morocco, and therefore we will not cooperate with them from this moment on. ”

We recall that the latest report by the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, classifies the situation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara as “calm”, a phrase that also appears in Resolution 2548 (2020) adopted by the Security Council on 30 October 2020 and in which MINURSO’s mandate is renewed every year without any mandate to protect human rights and without making reference to the illegal loophole in Guergarat.

“We live in an open-air prison in the occupied territories, in an apartheid regime and in constant danger of life, forced into impoverishment, unemployment and violence while Morocco fills our pockets with our wealth and tortures our sons and daughters” he tells us S., activist and mother of the occupied territories.

“We are tired of surviving on crumbs that we are given as we were goats in a corral, they allow the plundering and occupation of our resources and our country and then send us some grains of rice and a can of sardines to the refugee camps The international community is hypocritical and we are tired of being treated like this. This is not life, we have nothing to lose, nothing! We have been looking at the emptiness of the desert for 45 years, that’s enough! “says Najat, she too is a mother, and lives in the refugee camps.


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