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PUSL.- Today, 10 November, Abdallah Abbahah, a Saharawi political prisoner from the Gdeim Izik group, informed his family that he sent letters to the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Human Rights of Morocco reiterating the request to be able to see his defense lawyer, Maître Olfa Ouled in accordance with his basic rights enshrined in international law and Moroccan law.

Abdallah has not seen his lawyer since 2017, nor has he been allowed to speak to her over the phone.
We remind you that Maitre OULED was violently expelled from the courtroom during the trial in 2017 and that she was again expelled from Morocco in 2018, having been detained at the airport until she was put on a plane returning to France, preventing her from visiting her clients held in Moroccan prisons.

The family also said that Abdallah was arbitrarily prevented from going out to the courtyard this morning. We recall that Abbahah has been in prolonged solitary confinement for 3 years, being 23 hours in the cell and exits to the courtyard are also carried out in solitude without any human interaction.

Abbahah has repeatedly requested a meeting with the Director of Prison Tiflet2 but did not receive a response.

To avoid further problems and mistreatment by the guards, which has been a constant in the last month, he decided not to go out to the yard as of today until he can speak to the director.

One of the common criminal prisoners murdered a guard in Tiflet2 a few days ago which led to an escalation of violence against the prisoners.

However, the Moroccan prisoner who murdered the guard continues to frequent the courtyard with other prisoners.

Last week Mohamed Lamin Haddi, another political prisoner from the Gdeim Izik Group, was taken to a courtyard where the violent Moroccan prisoner was, in a clear attempt by the guards to endanger Haddi’s life. Haddi is also in prolonged confinement.

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