PUSL.- Today at 19h44 (local time) in Bojadour, in the occupied territories of Western Sahara the Moroccan occupation forces brutally beat El Ouaara Khaya a Saharawi woman, sister of the human rights activist , Sultana Khaya.

The attack occurred after El Ouaara was going to open the door to her cousin who was coming to visit, but the police who are surrounding the house since yesterday, prevented the cousin to enter and beat El Ouaara brutally when she opened the door. The attack was so vicious that El Ouaara fell down to the ground with a bleeding head wound and lost consciousness.

Yesterday the known human rights activist, Sultana Khaya, was returning to Bojadour when she was stopped at the entry check-point of the city. For over one hour she was insulted, verbally and physical harassed and threatened with death by the occupation agents at the check-point.

When she arrived at her house the family came out to greet her, the Moroccan occupation police immediately surrounded the house and started to beat everyone randomly with police batons, their fists and with their boots, forcing them to enter the house.

During this attack, 75-year-old Minatou Dah, the mother of Sultana Khaya was so hardly struck that she fell to the ground. The house is still surounded by the Moroccan occupation authorities, in the house are Women and children as can be seen in the video that was life streamed on Facebook.

Ouaara Khaya:


Minatou Dah, the mother of Sultana Khaya:

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