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PUSL.- The violence of the Moroccan occupation authorities against Saharawi children has been a constant since 1975.

Mass graves with children’s bodies, children victims of napalm and white phosphorus, of landmines all during the 16 years of war until 1991.

But after 1991, the violence did not stop the 2720km Moroccan military wall that divides Western Sahara, it is the most mined area in the world per capita and it cuts Saharawi lives, children included for decades under the impassive look of the United Nations.

In the occupied territories, violence in schools, on the streets, arbitrary detentions, torture are a reality.

For years, we have warned of the urgency of a mechanism to protect Saharawi civil society, especially children.

Morocco in recent weeks has received more attention from the international press, but they have focused on minor violations and the problem of “traffic” that has to reach Mauritania.

We spoke with Hmad Hamad vice president of Codapso “The number of police around the schools is impressive, they have children under close surveillance”. Aminetu Haidar also told us two days ago that her home and that of all the activists are under a tight siege and that they are being followed everywhere.

Walid, from the Al Gargarat communication team talks to us about the streets full of militias that chase and search young people and children.

S. and L., 11, tell us, “We don’t want to leave the house, we are afraid, did you see what happened to Hayat?” Referring to the 12-year-old girl who was tortured on 16 November.

10-year-old Y. tells us “I don’t tell my parents what they say at school … It’s horrible, they say words that make us afraid, against us against our families. They want me to scream long live the the king, I don’t want to, the say that we are bad. My grandmother, I saw blood on my grandmother’s face, they beat her. They beat everyone ,. ”

M. is 13 years old: “the police were at the door of the school, they pushed me, and two went after me, I cannot repeat the words they said to me. They leaned against a wall and started touching me, I was shaking a lot, no I could stop shaking, I couldn’t breathe, they told me things that they were going to do to me, to my mother, to my little sisters, they said they were looking for my brother. Please write this, please tell the world, help us ! ”

The world looks at this conflict as one more case, as something that can be adapted and forged according to realpolitik, the world leaves the children who are our future to violence, it is our duty to give voice to these children.

Saharawi children have been victims of the Moroccan occupation regime for years on a daily basis as denounced in the report published by the Centre for African Studies of the University of Porto of Mrs. Lourenço and the Report on Torture of the Fundación Sahara Occidental in Spain.

Report Mrs. Lourenço:

Report Fundación Sahara Occidental:

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