According to information from the family, political prisoner Abdallah Abbahah of the Gdeim Izik group, currently detained in Tiflet2, Morocco, was threatened this morning by the prison director inside his cell.

We recall that on August 6, 2019, the Committee against Torture discussed the follow-up to final observations, individual communications and reprisals under the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading and Punishing Treatment.
The rapporteur for the monitoring of reprisals, Ana Racu, said that the commission met with the Permanent Mission of Morocco and that the Commission has repeatedly requested the State party to issue provisional measures to alleviate the deplorable conditions of Abdallah Abbahah.

Mr Abbahah’s lawyer, Maître Olfa Ouled, filed an individual complaint about his case against Morocco, which received immediate provisional measures in May 2018, requesting immediate alternative measures of detention, such as house arrest, cessation of all ill-treatment and access to a doctor of his choice. Morocco has failed to comply with any of the provisional measures.

The rapporteur stated that the Abbahah case against Morocco was examined in plenary on 5 August 2019 and that the Commission has repeatedly issued a request for provisional measures to alleviate the deplorable conditions of the prisoner. Once the committee made an admissibility decision on the individual complaint, the committee reiterated the complainant’s previous request for protection, which the rapporteur hopes “can be honored, given the committee’s admissibility decision and also the fact that it has taken place a meeting with the permanent mission of Morocco “.

Committee Against Torture said it will visit Morocco following the reprisals against Mr ASFARI and alerts to deplorable conditions of The detention of Abdallah Abbahah


My son Abdallah Abbahah was threatened this morning by the director of the prison in Tiflet2, where he is being held and in prolonged confinement.

Abdallah was informed this morning that he would have the right to see a doctor due to his worrying state of health. He changed his clothes and got ready, but was told he should wear the clothes intended for violent criminals. My son refused to wear these clothes, affirming that he was not a dangerous prisoner, that he never hurt anyone, that he has no history of violence and that during his unjust imprisonment since 2010 he never used those clothes.

He returned to his cell and, after some time, the prison director entered his cell. Abdallah again explained the reasons for the refusal and the director threatened him with physical violence.

Abbahah, who has been in prolonged solitary confinement for several years. Since 10 November this year, Abbahah has refused to leave his cell for the few minutes that they allow him to go to the courtyard to avoid abuse and continuous threats from the guards.

Abdallah’s health is so critical that he cannot sleep. Medical negligence and constant threats and ill-treatment have serious consequences, not only physical, but also psychological.

The family holds the Moroccan state responsible for all these actions that endanger Abbahah’s life.

El Mamia
Abdallah Abbahah’s mother
El Aaiun, December 3, 2020.

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