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PUSL.- The Saharawi diaspora in Belgium and the Belgian committee of solidarity with the Saharawi people organized on Wednesday, December 02, 2020 a gathering authorized by the prefecture of the city of Brussels.

This gathering was organized in front of the European Commission to express the support of the Saharawi diaspora for the initiatives taken by the Polisario Front in El-Guerguerat, in the south west of Western Sahara and the decision to resume the armed struggle following the violation of the ceasefire. -fire by the Moroccan army on November 13.

Through this gathering, those present wanted to:

– Demand from the Security Council the immediate organization, and without delay, of the Self-Determination Referendum, promised since 1991, allowing the Saharawi people to express themselves freely about their future.

– Demand an end to the repression in the occupied territories and the release of Saharawi political prisoners (in particular those of the Gdeim Izik group detained for more than 10 years by Morocco).

– Demand the closure of the illegal breach of El Guergarat, by which Morocco plunders the riches of Western Sahara and drowns the African continent with its production of cannabis, of which it is the leading producer according to the UN.

-Denounce the decision of the European Union, to renew trade agreements including Western Sahara, with Morocco to finance its war, despite the decisions of the European Court of Justice, which specify that Morocco and Western Sahara are two entities distinct and separate.

During the protest several groups of Moroccan origin were deployed around the Place Schuman to prevent this gathering, mirroring the actions of their aggressive compatriots during the demonstration of November 28, at Place République, in Paris where they confronted the Saharawis, although they did not have any authorization to assemble.

The Belgian police faced the Moroccan disruptors who tried to organize an illegal counter demonstration and harm the Saharawi militants. According to sources in Brussels, dozens of them have been arrested and are threatened with legal proceedings.

Members of the Saharawi community established in Europe denounced the irresponsible actions of these groups and the campaigns of incitement to hatred against the Saharawis they launched almost two weeks ago. They deeply regret that certain Moroccan political parties and associations develop a chauvinism and cultivate a false antagonism between the two peoples, Moroccan and Saharawi, while their only aspiration should be to cooperate in peace, in a spirit of good neighborliness and mutual respect.

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