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PUSL.- At the initiative of PUSL 822 signatures received from various continents, between associations, social movements, unions, NGOs and individuals, sign the petition for the protection of Saharawi minors in the occupied territories of Western Sahara made to the Secretary General of the United Nations , High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs, High Commissioner for Human Rights, President of the African Union, Members of the Security Council, UNICEF, International Red Cross, European Council, European Commission and Members of the European Parliament.

After the breaking of the ceasefire by Morocco on November 13, the already complicated situation of the Saharawi population living under occupation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara is extremely worrying. This situation is aggravated as regards children, they are persecuted by the Moroccan occupation authorities, threatened and beaten in the streets, registering several cases of kidnapping, mistreatment and later abandoned in the streets.

For all this, from PUSL, we consider that it was time to alert Organizations at the international level with responsibility for the protection of the population from this situation and we thank all the associations, social movements, unions, NGOs and individuals who in an exercise of solidarity and responsibility signed the petition for the protection of Saharawi minors.

Open letter to

    • H.E. Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. António Guterres
    • H.E. High Representative for foreign affairs of the EU, Mr. Josep Borrell Fontelles
    • High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs. Michele Bachelet
    • H.E. Chairperson of the African Union, President Cyril Ramaphosa
    • H.E. Security Council Members
    • H.E. President of UNICEF, Ambassador Rabab Fatima
    • H.E. President of the International Red Cross, Peter Maurer
    • H.E. President of the European Council, Charles Michel
    • H.E. President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen
    • H.E. Members of the European Parliament


The current situation in Western Sahara after the violation of the Cease-fire by Morocco last November 13th, is extremely worrisome, in particular the situation of the Saharawi population living under Moroccan occupation.

Although the human rights violation in occupied Western Sahara are ongoing since 1975, and Saharawi Children have been targeted throughout all these decades without any mechanism to protect them, it seems that there is an increase of violence as it was the recent case of a 12-year old Saharawi girl.

On Monday 16th of November, 12-year-old Hayat, born on 10/8/2008, was arrested while she was assisting classes in Al-Nahda School in Occupied Aaiun at 10:00 a.m. and taken to the headquarters of the Moroccan security, where she was subjected to psychological and physical torture. Indeed, she was subjected to ill-treatment by police officer with the aim to make her suffer only because she drew a small Sahrawi national flag on her school smock.

The employees of Al-Nahda School took upon themselves to be police informants that monitor the innocent behavior of children to report and deliver the 12-year-ol child to the hands of torturers.

At the Moroccan Security Headquarters, the girl was intimidated, harassed and tortured.

Hayat was forced to sing the Moroccan anthem, kneeling and to kiss the image of the King of Morocco. Furthermore, she was subjected to all sorts of insults, kicked on the stomach brutally.

She was pulled by her hair. Unfortunately, it did not stop there: the Moroccan state agents molested her sexually all the while she was insulted and threatened, and also hearing threats against her family.

After this event, the Moroccan police surrounded her house trying to avoid any contact of the family with Saharawi journalists or human rights defenders.

Her Father was threatened, as well if he would speak to anyone and that his daughter would suffer the consequences.

Children all over Western Sahara are being chased by the Moroccan occupation authorities, threatened and beaten in the streets, their smartphones are searched and a state of absolute terror is spread. Several have been abducted ill-treated and then abandoned in the streets.

The plight of the Saharawi Children is nothing new and only possible due to the absence of the human rights component in the MINURSO mandate (see: as well as absolute impunity of the Moroccan occupation regime.

We the undersigned make an urgent appeal for:

–       The UN General Secretary to arrange for immediate international protection for Hayat and her family;

–       The CIRC to fulfill its mission and to visit the occupied territories to protect the lives and dignity of the victims and to provide them with assistance;

–       The UN Security Council intervention to stop immediately the torture of Saharawi Civilians in the occupied territories or any inhumane treatment;

–       The EU Commission and Council to freeze all agreements with the Moroccan Kingdom;

–       The African Union to visit the occupied territories of Western Sahara.


  1. AAPSO – Associação de Amizade Portugal-Sahara Ocidental
  2. AARASD – Association des Amis de La RASD
  3. ACHAPS (Asociación Chilena de Solidaridad con el Pueblo Saharaui)
  4. Activistas Culturais e Artistas
  5. ADLCI – Associação Lusófona para o Desenvolvimento,Cultura e Integração
  6. AEAPS – Asociación Ecuatoriana de Amistad con el Pueblo Saharaui
  7. Ajuda als Pobles
  8. Al-Adala de València
  9. ALDCI – Associação Lusófona para o Desenvolvimento, Cultura e Integração
  10. Alternativa Antimilitarista Moc Las palmas
  11. AMARAS – Asociación Mexicana de Amistad con la República Árabe Saharaui A.C.
  12. APDH – Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de España
  13. Asamblea Permanente por los Derechos Humanos (Argentina)
  14. Asamblea Republicana Galega
  15. ASESO – Association Sahraouie pour la Sauvegarde de l’Environnement du Sahara Occidental
  16. Asociación Americana de Juristas
  18. Asociacion Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui del Campo de Gibraltar ‘Solidaridad’.
  19. Asociación de amigos del pueblo saharaui La Daira de Trebujena (Cadiz)
  20. Asociación Pallasos en Rebeldía
  21. Asociacion PAR Almansa (Plataforma de apoyo a refugiados de Almansa)
  22. Asociación para la Unidad de Nuestra América (Argentina)
  23. Asociación Sinha Paca Plataforma de  
  24. Assisa Said
  25. Associação de Solidariedade e pela Autodeterminação do Povo Saaraui – Brasília, Brasil.
  26. Associação de Solidariedade e pela Autodeterminação do Povo Saaraui – Brasília, Brasil
  27. Association “un camion-citerne pour les sahraouis”
  28. Association Culture Sahara – Centre de France
  29. Association Culturelle Franco – Sahraouie
  30. Association d’Amitié avec le Sahara Occidental en Midi -Pyrénées
  31. Association de la Communauté Sahraouie en France
  32. Association des Femmes Sahraouies en France
  33. Association des Sahraouis de Bordeaux
  34. Association des Sahraouis de la Norvège
  35. Association des Sahraouis de Périgueux
  36. Association des Sahraouis de Suède VGS
  37. Association des Sahraouis en France
  38. Association Sportive des Sahraouis de France
  39. CARASO – Association sahraouie
  40. CEDSALA, comité de solidaridad en Valencia
  41. CEMD – Círculo de Escritores Moçambicanos na Diáspora
  42. Centro de Documentación en Derechos Humanos “Segundo Montes Mozo S.J.” (CSMM)
  43. Centro de estudios sobre Genocidio UNTREF (Argentina)
  44. Colectivo de Militares demócratas (ANEMOI) 
  45. Colectivo Regional de Apoyo a Vía Campesina -Medellín, Colombia
  46. Colectivo Republicano de Redondela
  47. Colectivo Republicano Salud y Republica
  48. Comision Sur por Palestina La Plata – Argentina
  49. Comité de amistad con el pueblo saharaui – Argentina
  50. Comunidad Islamica de Iruña de Oca
  51. Confederación Intersindical- España
  52. Corporación para La Investigación y el Ecodesarrollo Regional
  53. Dabeekah Dance Troup Buenos Aires, Argentina
  54. Federació ACAPS
  55. Federacion de Entidades Argentino Palestinas
  56. Festiclown
  57. Fundación Sahara Occidental
  58. GIGI – Group of International Legal Intervention
  59. Le Sahara n’est pas à Vendre – Association Sahraouie à Bruxelles
  60. League des Jeunes et des Etudiants Sahraouis en France
  61. Liga Argentina por los Derechos Humanos
  62. Movimiento Mexicano de Solidaridad con Cuba
  63. Movimiento por la paz, la soberania y la solidaridad entre los pueblos, Mopassol Argentina
  64. NOTICIAS DE ABAJO Colectivo de Medios Libres MEXICO
  65. Observatorio Galego para o Sáhara Occidental (OGSO)
  66. Plataforma por la Solidaridad de Lebrija
  67. Por Un Sahara Libre (PUSL)
  68. RåFILM film collective Anna Klara Åhrén and Alex Veitch
  69. Sindicato Ferroviario (SF-Intersindical)
  70. Sindicato STEPV – Intersindical Valenciana
  71. SODEPAU-PV – Valencia
  72. Pachakuti
  73. Solidaridad con Palestina San Martín de los Andes. Grupo de Argentina.
  74. Solidarité avec le Peuple Sahraoui (ASPS-Lorraine)
  75. SolidarityRising
  76. STEs-Intersindical
  77. Ukrainian Association of Democratic Lawyers
  78. Unión Cívica por la Republica (UCR)
  79. Unión Cultural Armenia
  80. Vereniging van de Saharawigemeenschap in Belgie
  81. Western Sahara Freedom Now!
  82. Western Sahara Resource Watch
  83. Abbas Hamedha Yacob
  84. Abda Laabedi
  85. Abdabru Hamdi
  86. Abdalahe Mohamed
  87. Abdalahi Hamadi
  88. Abdalha Baboudi
  89. Abdalhau Bu
  90. Abde Iwadud Hartani
  91. Abdelhai Ba
  92. Abusalah Labat
  93. Adela Jimenez Villarejo
  94. Adrián Lomlomdjiam – Unión Cultural Armenia
  95. Adriana Bruno Buenos Aires, Argentina
  96. Ahmed Abdelcrim
  97. Ahmed Hamadi
  98. Ahmed Jarrachi
  99. Ahmed Mohamedsalem Hamma
  100. Ahmed Moussawi
  101. Ahmed Salem Abaad
  102. Ahmed Salem Brahim
  103. Ahmed Salem Brahim Labd
  104. Ahmed Salem Moh Salem Lehbib
  105. Ahmedsalem Abdelhay “bruto”, Occupied Western Sahara, El Aaiun
  106. Aicha Brahim Lebeid
  107. Aicha Lagdaf
  108. Aicha Larabas
  109. Aicha Lehbib
  110. Aicha Salamu
  111. Aichetu Sidehna
  112. Al Dulaimi Hasan
  113. Alati Derraman
  114. Alba Bruzzoni
  115. Alba Rodríguez Silva
  116. Alberto Ferrari, periodista
  117. Alberto Mateus Manja Magassela
  118. Alberto Teszkiewicz, Militante de la Liga Argentina por los DDHH
  119. Alda Pires Cunha
  120. Aldina Garcia Mendez
  121. Alejandro Pizarroso Quintero
  122. Alem Borras
  123. Alexandra Nogueira
  124. Ali Ahmedbaba Alibuya
  125. Ali Brahimomar
  126. Ali Salem Laroussi
  127. Ali Sueilam Muhamed
  128. Alia Salem
  129. Almahfud Said
  130. Almami Brahim Lehmoid.
  131. Almudena López Andrades
  132. Álvaro Lopera Uribe- ingeniero pensionado
  133. Amélia Maria Ruivo Meneses Queirós
  134. Amelia Valcarcel Salguero
  135. Amilcar Oliveira
  136. Amira Mouly
  137. Amma Mahfud Moh Salem
  138. Amma Omar
  139. Amma Salamu Zein
  140. Ammazeina Mohamed Salem
  141. Ana Leal del Ojo
  142. Ana Armario Sánchez
  143. Ana Barreda Jaén
  144. Ana Gordaliza
  145. Ana Isabel Gorís Pereiras
  146. Ana Maria López Muñoz
  147. Ana Maria Murano
  148. Ana Valencia Vargas
  149. Anaila Aina Yahia
  150. Andala Embarec Ahamed Salem
  151. Andorha Chadad
  152. André Filipe Costa
  153. Andrea Andrades Núñez
  154. Andreas Wittiger
  155. Aneta Docura
  156. Angel Lage Rivas
  157. Angel Lozano Rivas
  158. Ángela Bernal Garcia
  159. Anna Widoff, Swedish Western Sahara Committee
  160. Anselmo Fariña Melian
  161. Antonia Gonzalez Romero
  162. Antonio Armario Piñero
  163. Antonio Garcia
  164. Antonio López Andrades
  165. Antonio López Cala
  166. Antonio Martinez
  167. Antonio QUEVEDO Ferrer
  168. Anxela Mariño López,
  169. Aragb Mohamed Salem
  170. Armelle HERVE secrétaire de la section de Mantes-la-Jolie du PCF
  171. Artista Mtro. Rolando de la Rosa Profesor de Posgrado Facultad de Artes y Diseño, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Ganador de Artifariti 2008
  172. Artur Manuel Grave Lourenço
  173. Ascension Valverde
  174. Asmau Ahmed
  175. Asmed Zizu
  176. Asun Balbuena
  177. Atilio Borón – Politólogo y Escritor (Argentina)
  178. Augusto Serrano Olmedo
  179. Aurora Barreda Gutiérrez
  180. Aurora Rivero Valcarcel
  181. Aza Wadady
  182. Aziz Buchar
  183. Aziza Habib
  184. Azizi Malainin Mohamed – Refugee camps Tindouf, Algeria
  185. Baali Mina
  186. Baba Aomar Mahmud
  187. Baddaha Manssour
  188. Baibaha Ahmed lbrahim
  189. Bali Mekki Gali
  190. Barakat Ahmad
  191. Basma Apchach
  192. Beatriz María Quesada Duro
  193. Beatriz Muñoz
  194. Beatriz Rocha
  195. Begoña Moa
  196. Beinusz Szmukler – Abogado (Argentina)
  197. Beni Salvador Lora
  198. Benjamin Ladraa, SolidarityRising
  199. Bettina Gräf
  200. Bettina Schneider
  201. Biel Caldentey Ramos,miembro de la Comisión Ejecutiva del STEI Intersindical de les Illes Balears – miembro de la Confederación de STEs-Intersindical).
  202. Blanca Gefaell Chamochin
  203. Blanca María Francés Rodríguez
  204. Blanca Xoana Ocampo Francés
  205. Boeita Abid
  206. Bouba Mohamed Ali
  207. Boujari Sid Ahmed
  208. Brahim Abdalahi
  209. Brahim Abdelkder
  210. Brahim Ahbabi
  211. Brahim Ballagh
  212. Brahim Bozed
  213. Brahim Gali Dajni – Médico
  214. Brahim Labsir Mohamed Embarec
  215. Brahim Moh Salem – Sanitario
  216. Brahim Mohamed
  217. Brahim Muhamud
  218. Brahim SABBAR
  219. Braica Mokhtar Brahim
  220. Bráulio Amaro Caamaño
  221. Braulio Sánchez del Ojo
  222. Bruno Carvalho Lima
  223. Bruno Gagliardo
  224. Buba Mohamad Salam – Mujeres Campamento de Dajla
  225. Buha Mami
  226. Buha Mohamed
  227. Cabara Bachir
  228. Camila Martín Barreda
  229. Carlos Almeida Sousa
  230. Carlos Bello
  231. Carlos de Benito Domínguez
  232. Carlos Dios Torres
  233. Carlos Ferreira
  234. Carlos Gracia Rivas
  235. Carlos Salik – Periodista
  236. Carme Canalejo Arjona
  237. Carmen Rodriguea Cunha
  238. Carmen Rufo Ronero
  239. Carmen Trujillo Pérez
  240. Carmen Villalobos Romero
  241. Carolina Tavares Lourenço
  242. Catarina Araújo Barbosa
  243. Catarina Magalhães
  244. Catonio Rodríguez Rivera
  245. Celia Rodriguez Silva
  246. Chaba Ali
  247. Chadad Abo Moize
  248. Chaima Hamadi
  249. Chayakh Boubaker
  250. Chbel Sakhi
  251. Chej haiba Ahmed bahia
  252. Chej Zain
  253. Cheja Mohamed
  254. Chekh Malainin Chekh El Quebir
  255. Chena Brahim
  256. Claudia Alves
  257. Conchi Fernandez Gonzalez
  258. Consuelo Davila Lorenzo
  259. Cristina Calandre Hoenigsfeld
  260. Cristina Dias
  261. Cristina Martínez Benítez de Lugo
  262. Dahba Hamma
  263. Dailen Leyva Torralbas
  264. Dandah Mohamed Lamin
  265. Daniel Feierstein – Centro de estudios sobre Genocidio UNTREF (Argentina)
  266. Daniel Tonda Tello
  267. Daniela Lucacek
  268. Daniela Mendes Alvarez
  269. David Milla Dacosta
  270. David Schneider
  271. Deid Oli Azid
  272. Deimou Hamdi
  273. Delmar Francisco Maia Barrigas
  274. Detmar Hicks
  275. Diana Alamán Calvo
  276. Diana Gambelli, coreógrafa Buenos Aires, Argentina
  277. Djaiba Lehbib
  278. Dolores Aparicio Arco
  279. Dora Giannoni. Argentina
  280. Douih Mhimmed
  281. Dr Ahmed Mawloud
  282. Dr Saeb Sha’ath
  283. Antonio Bernat Montesinos
  284. Dueida Ahmed Baba Cori
  285. Dumaha Aali Mohamed
  286. Eduardo Reis Lima
  287. Eduardo Rodríguez Cunha
  288. El Bachir Mahmoud
  289. El Galia Jatari
  290. El Ghalia Abdalahe Djimi
  291. Elgaid Ejlil
  292. Elhadj Abdalla
  293. Elisa Suárez Amarelo
  294. Elízabeth Haro Rivera
  295. Elmed Mohamed Mohamedu
  296. Embarca Deidih
  297. Embarcalina Faraji Mohamed
  298. Embarek Alitaleb
  299. Emilia Aguilar Capote
  300. Emiliano Martinez Espada
  301. Emiliano Sanchez
  302. Emilio García Crego
  303. Emrayem joumani
  304. Engiya Ergaybi
  305. Erika Oya Perez
  306. Esperanza Jaén Domínguez
  307. Esteban Tabares Carrasco
  308. Estela P. R. Lamas
  309. Esther Godoy
  310. Estrella González Paramás
  311. Évelyne Robillard
  312. Fabio Marcelli, director Institute for International Legal Studies of the National Research Council, Rome
  313. Fadala Louh
  314. Fadala Mohamed Ali
  315. Fateh Mbarek Babi
  316. Fati Muha
  317. Fatiha Hadia brahim
  318. Fatima Gala
  319. Fatima Mohamed
  320. Fátima Rodríguez Areal
  321. Fatimatu Ment Abaad
  322. Fatimatu Omar
  323. Fatimetu Ahmed HAMADI
  324. Fatimetu Barik
  325. Fatimetu Buhaia Ali
  326. Fatimetu Miara
  327. Fatimetu Mohamed-Lamin Sgaier
  328. Fatis Hamadi
  329. Fatma Brahim
  330. Fatma fdili lakhlifa
  331. Fatma Hamada Mohamed Malwali
  332. Fatma Mehdi . Union de Mujeres Saharauis
  333. Fatma Mohamed Bachir
  334. Fatrana Aini
  335. Fausto Cardoso
  336. Fedel Mohamed
  337. Federico Dalmazzo Músico
  338. Fermí Vallbe Bach
  339. Fermín Isaac Rodrigo Lázaro
  340. Fernando Batista Henriques
  341. Fernando Lia
  342. Fernando Rule Castro, , Liga Argentina por los Derechos Humanos de Mendoza
  343. Fito Alvarez Tombo
  344. Flora Oliveira
  345. Florian Weyl
  346. Francisco González Turmo
  347. Francisco Javier Gómez Guerrero
  348. Francisco José Álvarez Larrán
  349. Francisco Muñoz Valera
  350. Francisco Porras Lopez
  351. Javier Gil Camarillo
  352. Frank Boinet
  353. Gaali Zaini Bint
  354. Gala Suilem
  355. Galia Mahyub Omar
  356. Galia Suelim
  357. Galli Anna Zrug
  358. Gauz Laula
  359. Gaymula Beya Larosi
  360. Gbenaha Fadel
  361. Gemma Arbesú Sancho
  362. Germán Portillo
  363. Ghaithy Sidi Bah
  364. Ghalia Ladi Dafa
  365. Glama Mohamed Fadel
  366. Glana Mahyub
  367. Gloria Garrucho
  368. Graciela Meier-Levy
  369. Graciela Paccot
  370. Granada Bañuelos Mariscal
  371. Guebel Mustafa
  372. Guha Bahía
  373. Gustavo Adolfo Silva Palacios Hacen Aly
  374. Gustavo Cochón
  375. Haddi Medali
  376. Hadi Med Emba
  377. Haf Moi
  378. Hafdalla Lehbib
  379. Hamdi Nabt jatari
  380. Hamed Salemsaleh
  381. Hamma Buzeid
  382. Hamudi Ahmed salem
  383. Hamudi Mojtar
  384. Hamudi Salem
  385. Hamza Mojtar
  386. Hani Ahmed
  387. Hasan Mohlandim
  388. Hasen Tagat
  389. Hassan Muilid Ali
  390. Helana Granja
  391. Hélio Doyle – periodista y profesor, director de Associação de Solidariedade e pela Autodeterminação do Povo Saaraui – Brasília, Brasil.
  392. Helmut Schiene
  393. Hendu Aomar Bachir Bheya
  394. Henrique Porto
  395. Hetra Boudjemaa
  396. Hiba Nafiii
  397. Hindu Lmami
  398. Hlesa Molay
  399. Hmeied Hohamad salem
  400. Horia Baiah
  401. Ihadih Dubah
  402. Ilda Andrade
  403. Inés Anastasia Benítez Romero
  404. Ingrid Hotz
  405. Ingrid Nancy Fernández
  406. Inmaculada C. Miñana Arnao
  407. Iria Malvido Rodríguez
  408. Isabel Domínguez Maceira
  409. Isabel García Casabó
  410. Isabel Lourenço Tabares
  411. Isabel Revuelta Gutiérrez
  412. Isabel Silva Rego
  413. Isabel Vera Coronado
  414. Isidora J. Ramirez Garmendia
  415. Isidro Cedres
  416. Ivan Alvarado Castro – Profesor antropología social de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  417. Iván Prado (Pallasos en Rebeldía)
  418. Jacqueline Fontaine – AARASD France
  419. Jadi Hamadi
  420. Jadi Kenti
  421. Jadiyetu Ahmed
  422. Jadiyetu larusi
  423. Jadiyetu Magayub
  424. Jamila Abdalahi
  425. Jamila Bachir
  426. Jarachi Mohamadu
  427. Jatari Mohamed fadel
  428. Jaume A Tonda Secretariado Confederal Confederación Intersindical
  429. Jean-François Debargue
  430. Jessica Luecker
  431. Jesús Pérez Gadea 28781022H
  432. Jiménez-Landi Usunáriz, 50282181H
  433. Jmida Abid
  434. Joana Carolina Saragoça Lameira Ramos
  435. João Assunção Gaspar
  436. Joaquin Portillo
  437. Joëlle Toutain
  438. Jorge A. Kreyness – Partido Comunista (Argentina)
  439. Jose A. Prego
  440. Jose Alejandro Saras
  441. José Antonio Déniz Cubas
  442. José Barreda Gutiérrez
  443. José Bejarano
  444. Jose González Rodríguez
  445. José López Fernández
  446. José Luis Mataix Vizcaíno
  447. José Malax
  448. José Manuel de La Fuente
  449. Jose Manuel Olmo Borrego
  450. José Maria Pinto
  451. José Ramírez Alcon
  452. José Ramón Hernández Castillo
  453. José Ruiz Piñero
  454. José Schulman – Liga Argentina por los Derechos Humanos
  455. José Torres Silva
  456. Josefa García Veiga
  457. Josefa Silva Maceira
  458. Josefa Valencia Vargas
  459. Joselyne Buchner
  460. Juan de Dios Plaza Dávila
  461. Juan de los Santos Sánchez
  462. Juan Francisco Rico González
  463. Juan Jiménez Heredero
  464. Juan Manuel Bernal Garcia
  465. Juan Manuel Sánchez Falcón
  466. Juan Mariano Mate Panzano
  467. Juan Muñoz Alcon
  468. Juan Sánchez Montero
  469. Juanjo Miera
  470. Julia Castaño de la Calie
  471. Júlia Maria Matias
  472. Kabara Hamudi
  473. Karima Salem
  474. Keltum Mohamed
  475. Khadija El Ghali
  476. Khadir daoud
  477. Khelifa Moulay abbass
  478. Khira Od
  479. Klina Ahmed Amrig
  480. La Salete Coelho, Centro de Estudos Africanos da Universidade do Porto
  481. Labid Uali Abtila
  482. Ladiba Sidahmed
  483. Lahcen Mahamdi
  484. Lahdih Hasenna
  485. Lala Chadah
  486. Lala Mohamed
  487. Lala Mohamed Ali
  488. Lámina Mohamed
  489. Lamine Omari
  490. Laroussi Salek Mouloud
  491. Laura Andrades Gordillo
  492. Laura Dias Mueller
  493. Laura Pérez Durán
  494. Laura Pérez Garrote
  495. Lecomte Cécile
  496. Lefnun Sidi Omar
  497. Leila Abderrahman
  498. Leila Atic abdalahe
  499. Lemadla Mohamed Salem
  500. Leonor Belmonte Molina
  501. Leticia Sio Morgadas,
  502. Lidia Bruno docente
  503. Lidia Gutiérrez Marín
  504. Lih Beiruk
  505. Lina Del Vecchio Lina Gavira Álvarez 28660135L
  506. Liselotte Schmidt
  507. Lola Barrajón Ruiz
  508. Lorenzo Caro Cabrera
  509. Lourdes Eiroa  de la Puente
  510. Lucia Maria Branco
  511. Lucia Marta Scali
  512. Luha Amarna
  513. Luha Buhia Deieh
  514. Luis Acebal Monfort
  515. Luis Blasco Bellido
  516. Luis Jorge Fernándes Mourinho
  517. Luis M.Teixeiro Abreu
  518. Luis Mariano Guerra
  519. Luis Martinez Regueiro
  520. Luis Montes López
  521. Luis Portillo Pasqual del Riquelme
  522. Luisa de Deus Carvalho
  523. Luisa Ribeiro
  524. Luise-Marie Schoenefeld
  525. M Isabel Ceferino Valdenebro
  526. M Josefa Romero Arrayás
  527. M° del Castillo Martin Ramos
  528. Ma Àngels Moseguí
  529. Mª del Castillo Oliva César
  530. Mª José Pineda caro
  531. Macarena Cánepa Bustos
  532. Madhuri Graham
  533. Maeinafiha Selma Laabeid
  534. Magdalena Zoido Tintore
  535. Magis Amado
  536. Mahamed Ould Cherif
  537. Mahdi Tighiouart
  538. Mahfud Azman
  539. Mahfud Mohamed
  540. Mahjuba Ali Moulud
  541. Mahjuba Said
  542. Mahmud Hamma Ahmed
  543. Mahmud Hawari
  544. Mahmud Taybi
  545. Mahmuda Dambari
  546. Mahyuba Ayad
  547. Mai Malainin Bachir
  548. Maichan Alien Abdalahe
  549. Maima Mahamud Nayem Abdeslam – Représentante du Front POLISARIO pour la Suisse, l’ONU et les autres Organisations Internationales en Suisse
  550. Malaainine El Ouali
  551. Mamah Mohamed Lamin
  552. Mamiha Chej
  553. Mamudi Yasin
  554. Man Bomba
  555. Manaha Mohamed
  556. Manuel Antonio Breval Moreno
  557. Manuel Dominguez
  558. Manuel Ignacio Cáceres Selma
  559. Manuel Matos
  560. Manuel N. Troncoso
  561. Manuel Raposo Neves
  562. Manuel Rodriguez
  563. Manuel Rodríguez Alcon
  564. Marc JAMMET Conseiller Municipal et Communautaire de Mantes-la-Jolie
  565. Marc Lorandin
  566. Marcela Villarreal
  567. Margarita Cruz – Asoc. ex Detenidos Desaparecidos (Argentina)
  568. Margarita Francesco
  569. María Adela Antokoletz – Delegada de Madres de Plaza de Mayo L.F. ante FEDEFAM (Argentina)
  570. María Angeles Sastre Nadal
  571. Maria da Luz Vieira
  572. Maria de Jesus Moreira
  573. María de los Ángeles Sánchez Sánchez
  574. Maria del Carmen Nuñez Pérez 
  575. María del Carmen Rufo Romero
  576. Maria do Carmo Jacinto Duarte Lopes
  577. Maria Elena Naddeo – Asamblea Permanente por los Derechos Humanos (Argentina)
  578. Maria Enriqueta Fornos Prat
  579. María Esther Alcolea Cuerda
  580. Maria Fernanda Pereyra – Organización: Quebracho.
  581. María Fernández Antunez
  582. María Inmaculada Cordero Pérez
  583. María Inmaculada Otero Baamonde
  584. María Jesús Vazquez Robredo
  585. María José Franco Moreno
  586. Maria Jose Garcia Amatriain
  587. Maria Larraitz Urruzola Tolosa
  588. María Luz González Rodríguez Responsable de Acción Sindical
  589. Maria Manuel Fragoso de Noronha Amaral
  590. Maria Marta Murguia
  591. María Pascual de Pedro
  592. María Romero Galán
  593. María Rosario Rubio González
  594. María Vanesa Martínez Boente
  595. María Victoria Jimeno de Córdoba
  596. María Victoria Sánchez García
  597. Mariana Alves Almeida
  598. Mariana Moreno Villa- socióloga pensionada
  599. Mariem Ahmed
  600. Mariem Babih
  601. Marília Lourdes Cassac
  602. Mário Mendes Soares
  603. Marisol Hutter
  604. Marisol Pacheco
  605. Marta Isabel Barra Pedroso Coutinho
  606. MartaVassallo
  607. Maruf Deihi
  608. Maruf Mohamed
  609. Mary Hill Stratt
  610. Mary Lopez Palacin
  611. Matilde Costa
  612. Matilde Romero
  613. Mauro Pego
  614. Medaliwalia Medsaleh
  615. Mehdi Hamuda Bayun
  616. Mehdi Hamudi
  617. Mehdi Said Mohamed
  618. Ment Abba Cheij
  619. Merabih Boubekri
  620. Mercè Andreu Cardús
  621. Mercedes Ruiz Mames
  622. Metou Bochraya
  623. Metu Nabt Abdala
  624. Miguel Ángel Restrepo Múnera
  625. Miguel Rivas Cano
  626. Mimia Ahmed Ali
  627. Mimuna Mahjub
  628. Mireille Garcia
  629. Miren Koldobike Velasco Vázquez
  630. Moh Mouloud Moh Salem
  631. Mohamed Abbachej
  632. Mohamed Ali Ali Salem
  633. Mohamed babeh
  634. Mohamed Bachir
  635. Mohamed Brahim
  636. Mohamed Chreif
  637. Mohamed Fadel Fadel
  638. Mohamed Fadel Omar
  639. Mohamed Hamadi
  640. Mohamed Hossein
  641. Mohamed Lamin Haiba
  642. Mohamed Lamine Mohamed Fadel Babba
  643. Mohamed Laroussi
  644. Mohamed Lmber
  645. Mohamed Mohamed Mulud Mohamed
  646. Mohamed Mouloud Ahmed Fal
  647. Mohamed Salem Sidahmed
  648. Mohamed Salem Sidi
  649. Mohamed Salem. Mohamed Mulud
  650. Mohamedou Belau Mahmoud
  651. Mohammed Ali Kihal
  652. Mohammed Shamsudeen Shardow – Secretary Ghana Western Sahara Solidarity Forum
  653. Mohislem Said Lehbib
  654. Mohmad Bajari
  655. Mohtar Hama
  656. Moimina Aomar Mohamed
  657. Moisés Aguilera Valencia
  658. Monica Pineda león 52261232b
  659. Mónica Travessas
  660. Monina Beibuh
  661. Monsieur Loisel Éric – Le Havre – France -Membre de la CGT SIDEL
  662. Mouili Ali
  663. Mulay Ahmed Brahim
  664. Muluda Mbark
  665. Muna P
  666. Mustafa Ali Bachir Bah
  667. Mustafa Ali Mahfud
  668. Nadine Lefrançois le Havre France Présidente de l’association “Un camion citerne pour les Sahraouis”
  669. Nadjem Abdella Mohamed
  670. Naha Abdala Bachir
  671. Naha liman lahu
  672. Naira Embarek
  673. Nayna Sidalm
  674. Nezeha Chedaj
  675. Nieves Gallego Rey
  676. Noémia Campos
  677. Nora Cortiñas – Madre de Plaza de Mayo L.F.
  678. Nube Negra
  679. Nuh Ahmed
  680. Nuno Santos Almeida Prestes
  681. Nuria Barreu
  682. Olfa Ouled
  683. Olivier AUBRUN
  684. Omar Bachir Toumi
  685. Organización: Quebracho
  686. Ouafa Limama
  687. Oumlehna lehbib
  688. Pablo Bianchi Garcia Polavieja
  689. Pablo Pelaez – Asoc. para la Unidad de Nuestra América (Argentina)
  690. Pablo Ruisoto
  691. Paolo Scotton
  692. Patricia del Castillo
  693. Patricia Lopes
  694. Patrick Silva Lopes
  695. Paula Lima Sintra
  696. Pedro Faia
  697. Pedro Gil Pérez
  698. Pedro Machado
  699. Pere Josep Sala Quereda
  700. Philippe Leclercq
  701. Philippe Legrand
  702. Philippe Yée-Chong-Tchi-Kan – Membre du Comité Central du IXe Congrès du PCR
  703. Pierre Toutain
  704. Pilar Arnalda Piñol
  705. Pilar Lasheras Amat
  706. Pilar Narbona Juárez
  707. Pilar Yuste
  708. Dr. Héctor Pose Porto – Grupo de investigación en Política Educativa, Historia e Sociedade Dpto. de Pedagoxía e Didáctica / Facultade Ciencias da Educación Universidade da Coruña
  709. Puri Muñoz
  710. Rabab Ouarga
  711. Radjai Said Mohamed
  712. Rafael Dolado Arnal
  713. Rafael Fernandez
  714. Rafaela Dominguez Andrades
  715. Rafaela Florido Marín
  716. Rafaela García Jimenez
  717. Rafaela Leandro
  718. Raquel Respaldo Ceferino
  719. Raquel Rodríguez Sánchez
  720. Regina Castro
  721. Reyes Vazquez Robredo
  722. Reynald Kubecki
  723. Ricardo Vieira Santos
  724. Rita Alonso Gallego
  725. Rocío Falcón Palmero
  726. Rocío León Aguilar
  727. Rodrigo Murua
  728. Rodrigo Vázquez Arias
  729. Rosa Marisol Cirano – Secret. DD.HH CTA Autónoma (Argentina)
  730. Rosario Caballero Dominguez
  731. Rosario Garcia Diaz
  732. Rouh Salma
  733. Rui Macedo
  734. Rui Rodrigues Jesus
  735. Rute Henriques
  736. Safia Baba Mohtar
  737. Safia Omar
  738. Sàhara Lliure Paterna
  739. Salama Sahara
  740. Salamu Abdalah Tohammy
  741. Saleh Baadi
  742. Salek Bachir
  743. Salek Barka
  744. Salek Labeid
  745. Salek Rabanni
  746. Salem Mohamed
  747. Salha Mohamed Elbachir Laaroussi
  748. Sali Mahmud
  749. Salk Ahmad
  750. Salma Emboiric
  751. Salma Moulud
  752. Salma Radjel
  753. Salomé Domingues
  754. Sandra González Gómez -enfermera auxiliar
  755. Sandra Ludmilla Vjac
  756. Sandra Rigoli
  757. Santiago Madeira
  758. Sara Chob
  759. Sara Neto
  760. Sarniguet Chatal
  761. Sassi Chris
  762. Selacha Hamadi Mohamed
  763. Selembuha Daf
  764. Sembo Margarido Santos
  765. Senia Mohamed
  766. Serge Chardon
  767. Sergio Prieto Rodríguez
  768. Sergio Vaudagnotto
  769. Sida Yaa Embarek
  770. Sidahme Ali Musa
  771. Sidalhafid Chejahmed
  772. Sidi algaum Ahmed
  773. Sidi Babe
  774. Sidialgaum Alhairich
  775. Simone Spar
  776. Sleiman Said
  777. Sofia Maia
  778. Soledad Astudillo – Asamblea Permanente por los Derechos Humanos (Argentina)
  779. Soledad Ruiz Bellido
  780. Soraya Lobito
  781. Souida Alal
  782. Stella Calloni
  783. Sures Estudios y defensa en derechos humanos – Venezuela
  784. Susana Macedo
  785. Tagla Mahfud Muhamed
  786. Talha Xirivella
  787. Tamara Barra Monzón – Movimiento Mexicano de Solidaridad con Cuba
  788. Tareg Hama
  789. Taufa Liman
  790. Tere Quinteiro
  791. Teresa Da Silva Tavares
  792. Tfarah Chej
  793. Tilda Rabi – Federacion de Entidades Argentino Palestinas
  794. Tomás Morata Cazorla
  795. Toufa Ali
  796. Uhrs Nogler
  797. Umsaad Mohamed Fadel
  798. Vanessa Domingues
  799. Vanessa Ramos – Asociación Americana de Juristas
  800. Vasco Crespo da Silva
  801. Veronni Mohfadel
  802. Vicenta Espejo González
  803. Víctor de Mercado Gacimartín
  804. Victor Fernandez
  805. Victor Kot – Partido Comunista (Argentina)
  806. Victoria Muñoz López
  807. Vincent Fleuriot
  808. Violeta González Puerto
  809. Virginia Cárdenas Ruiz
  810. Vitor Nafa
  811. Vladmir Ross
  812. Xavier Pinho Amaral
  813. Xurxo Troncoso Rodríguez Yah Abdi
  814. Yahia Adora
  815. Yahia Mahmud
  816. Yerba El Mahfoud Mohamed
  817. Yolanda Andrades Núñez
  818. Yvonne Henry
  819. Zahra Doua
  820. Zawia Ayache
  821. Zeinabu Samba
  822. Zeini Ailal