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PUSL.- The Saharawi diaspora in France gathered last saturday in Nantes and Bordeaux demanding the end of the occupation of Western Sahara and the immediate withdrawal of Morocco from their territory.

Police was present to protect the protesters against Moroccan attacks and prevent the repetion of the demonstration in Paris where Moroccan agitators disrupted the Saharawi protest. Also in Brussel last week, belgian police arrested dozens of Moroccan agitators.

The Saharawi diaspora condemend the violent incursion and attack of Morocco on friday 13th November against civilian protesters in the buffer zone of El Guergarat, which resulted in the end of the cease-fire.

In a communique that was read and approved by the demonstrators in Bordeaux they call upon the international community and especially on the International Committee of the Red Cross to protect the civil polulation in the occupied areas and the release of the Saharawi Political Prisoner.

They also denounce the responsability of France and urge the UN Security to hold an urgent meeting.


Condemnation of violation of Morocco of the ceasefire agreement in Western Sahara

Morocco violated on November 13, 2020, the ceasefire agreement concluded in 1991, by launching a military operation against Saharawi civilians who were demonstrating peacefully against the opening of an illegal breach in El Guerguerat in the buffer strip. The Saharawi army retaliated in self-defense and the Polisario Front declared a state of war following this aggression.

The Saharawi Associations of Bordeaux, as well as those in solidarity with the Saharawi People, gather on Saturday, December 12, 2020, in Bordeaux to:

– Express their support for the Saharawi people, following the attack carried out by Moroccan soldiers against civilian demonstrators in front of the illegal breach of El Guergarat and denounce the irresponsibility of the Kingdom of Morocco in its violation of the ceasefire, with the knowledge and under the view of the United Nations “MINURSO” mission in place.

-Require an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, in order to force Morocco to respect: the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination and independence, through the referendum promised to the Saharawis since 1991.
– Demand from the International Committee of the Red Cross the protection of civilians in the occupied territories of Western Sahara and the release of political prisoners (especially those of the Gdeim Izik group held for more than 10 years by the Moroccan occupier).

– Demand the closure of the illegal breach of El Guergarat, by which Morocco exports the plundering of the wealth of Western Sahara and facilitates the entry of its cannabis production on the African market, thus exposing its youth to the ravages of its consumption, by compromising at the same time, not only the development of Africa, the construction and integration of the Maghreb, but threatening Europe, given the problems of this region

-We also ask the French government, which has a share of responsibility in the current situation, to be in accordance with the values ​​of the French Republic and to work for peace and the right of peoples to self-determination .

-Denounce the complicity of the European Union, by ratifying trade agreements including Western Sahara, with Morocco to finance its war, despite the decisions of the European Court of Justice, which specify that Morocco and Western Sahara are two distinct and separate entities.

Association of Saharawi of Bordeaux

Bordeaux, December 11, 2020