Moroccan reprisals against Haddi saharawi political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik group

PUSL.- Yesterday, 14th of December, in a short phone-call with his family, Mohamed Lamin Haddi informed that all his belongings had been confiscated from his cell in Tiflet2 prison in Morocco. His Cell was raided at around 9 am, the Prison director who was present and in an act of arbitrary reprisal ordered that all books, the radio, clothes and other private belongings of Mr. Haddi were confiscated.

The guards did not respect the social distancing nor were they using masks or gloves or other protective gear related to the prevention measures against Covid.

Mr. Haddi is in prolonged solitary confinement for over three years and was sentenced to 25 years.
Haddi who is a member of the Gdeim Izik Group, suffers from severe ulcers, and is victim of intencional medical neglect, torture, physical and psychological ill treatment and harassment since his detention in 2010.