Equipe Media and CODESA report on the arrest of the young Sahrawi Youssef Bougharioune, Ahmed Al-Gargar, Ali Wadan and Nasrallah Al-garhi.

Youssef Bougharioune, a known Sahrawi student and activist, was detained by Moroccan police on Tuesday, December 15, in El Aaiun. At the time of his arrest, the charges against him were not read to him, and his family received no information on his whereabouts. When he was in the custody of the occupying forces, he was beaten, insulted and threatened. Later he was transferred to Agadir where he was interrogated again without the presence of his lawyer. He was released in Agadir on Saturday the 19th with a trial scheduled for the 21st. Bougharioune’s family complains that during the entire time he was detained they were not allowed to visit the young man.

In turn, Ahmed El Gargar, Alí ​​Wadan and Nasrallah Al Garhi were arrested on November 14, 2020 after a peaceful demonstration by a group of Sahrawi civilians who demanded the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination and independence, a fact that led to police repressions, raids and generalized campaigns of kidnappings and arrests of young Sahrawi students. These young Sahrawis were held in illegal arbitrary detention for more than 25 days, during which they were subjected to harsh police interrogation and torture inside the local prison in occupied El Aaiún.

Ahmed El Gargar, Alí ​​Wadan and Nasrallah Al Garhi were tried last day 9th in the Court of First Instance of the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeals of El Ayoun, which issued convictions of two years against the young people.

It should be noted that Ahmed Al-Garkar is under psychological treatment, a fact that has not been taken into consideration by the court when it comes to sentencing the young Saharawi with prison.

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