Demonstration in Brussels highlights urgency of protection of Saharawi population

PUSL.- Saturday, 16th of January the Saharawi diaspora demonstrated in Brussels calling for the urgent protection of the civil Saharawi population in the occupied territories which are under a brutal repression campaign by the Moroccan occupier since the end of the cease-fire last November 13th 2020. Calling upon the International Committee of the Red Cross as well as the UN Security Council to comply with their duties towards the Saharawi people. They also highlighted the plight of the Saharawi political prisoners in Moroccan jails which suffer extreme reprisals since the end of the cease fire and endure ongoing torture.

The Saharawi diaspora in Belgium is committed to the struggle for freedom supporting their government, the Saharawi Arabic Democratic Republic and the POLISARIO Front the Saharawi Liberation Movement.

Press release

Condemnation of Morocco’s human rights violations after its rupture of the ceasefire agreement in Western Sahara Morocco violated on November 13, 2020, the ceasefire agreement signed in 1991 under the aegis of the of the UN, was violated by launching a military operation against Saharawi civilians who were demonstrating peacefully against the occupation of Western Sahara and the opening of an illegal breach in the buffer zone.

El Guerguerat is the buffer zone monitored by MINURSO, which remained a spectator.
Faced with this aggression, the Saharawi Liberation Army retaliated in self-defense and the
Polisario Front announced the return to armed struggle to impose the legitimate rights of the Saharawi people of freedom and independence.

Since that date, the Moroccan authorities have launched a fierce campaign of revenge against the Saharawis in the occupied territories, in particular anti-occupation activists, and those who call for self-determination. Some neighbourhoods in the cities of El-Aaiun, Smara and Boujdour have turned into a besieged “gueto” under constant surveillance. Men, women and young people are abducted, detained and tortured.

Saharawi political prisoners in Moroccan prisons have not been spared these reprisals and have been subjected to more medical negligence, torture and ill-treatment.

The associations of the Saharawi community of Belgium, as well as those in solidarity with
the Saharawi People, gathered on Saturday, 16 January 2021, in Brussels to:

– Express their support for the Saharawi People who have been attacked and oppressed and denounce the irresponsibility of the Kingdom of Morocco in its violation of the ceasefire, in full view of the United Nations mission “MINURSO” that is present on the ground.

– Require the UN Security Council to compel Morocco to respect the UN resolutions and not remain passive in the face of Morocco’s intransigence and its willingness to torpedo all the UN efforts since 1991.

– Require the International Committee of the Red Cross to protect Saharawi civilians and to send an urgent mission to the occupied territories of Western Sahara to investigate the reprisals and visit the Saharawi political prisoner in Moroccan jails.

– Condemning the opening of consulates in occupied Western Sahara and the recent announcement of outgoing US President Donald Trump, on the recognition of Illegal territorial claims of the Kingdom of Morocco on the Non-Self-Governing Territory of Western Sahara, as this is a flagrant violation of international law, and the charters of the United Nations and the African Union.

– Denouncing EU complicity in ratifying trade agreements illegally including Western Sahara, with Morocco to finance its occupation, despite the decisions of the European Court of Justice, which specify that Morocco and Western Sahara are two separate and distinct entities.

– Salute the courage of the Moroccan people, who are also fighting for their rights. The most fundamental legitimate rights, such as a decent life in a democratic system.

– We deeply regret that the Moroccan authoritarian regime has been trying for 45 years to nourish the spirit of chauvinism and create a false hatred between the Moroccan people and the Saharawi people, when their only aspiration could be to cooperate in peace, in the
a spirit of good neighbourliness and mutual respect.

Brussels, 15 January 2021

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