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PUSL.- As published in several Spanish media, at the online press conference this Tuesday, Sidi Wagal, secretary general of the Ministry of Security and Documentation of the Democratic Arab Saharawi Republic (SADR), warned that there will surely be an escalation of the war that resulted from the end cease fire on 13 November after the Moroccan forces attacked Saharawi civilians in the buffer zone. According to the Euro Press article, Wagal does not rule out that this would lead to an intervention by Algeria and Mauritania.

This week the Algerian army carried out several exercises near Tindouf, a region where the Saharawi refugee camps are located. This Algerian region borders Western Sahara and Morocco.


The refugee camps will undoubtedly be one of the possible targets of the Moroccan army that during the 16 years of war from 1975 to 1991 bombed Saharawi civilians several times with Napalm and white phosphorus and last November did not hesitate once again to attack unarmed Saharawi civilians. . “We all know that after this escalation, the entire region will be exposed,” said Wagal before clarifying that the “Moroccan strategy” also affects the borders of Algeria and Mauritania.

According to statements published in the press, Wagal characterises Moroccan politics as “expansionist”, which means that all scenarios are possible. We recall that the FAR have already attacked targets in Mauritania that have caused civilian casualties in the face of the United Nations’ absolute impassiveness. Since last November, Morocco has placed 12,000 anti-personnel mines in the buffer zone without any reprisals or warnings from the United Nations.

All actions by Morocco tend to involve neighbouring countries and worsen a situation that could be avoided if United Nations resolutions and the constitutive act of the African Union were respected by Morocco and the International Community.

The unity of the Saharawis and the determination of this people not to stop the war until it regains the territory that was illegally occupied by Morocco in 1975, are very clear.