Gdeim Izik political prisoners in Tiflet2 visited by Moroccan authorities


PUSL.- Abdallah Abbahah and Mohamed Lamin Haddi, both prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group were visited this week by the Moroccan authorities.

Mohamed Lamin Haddi who started an open hunger last January 13th was visited yesterday by a representative of the DGAPR (Moroccan General Delegation of the Penitentiaries and Reinsertion Administration). Mr. Haddi who demands his transfer to another prison due to the extreme ill treatment, the intentional medical neglect, the lack of basic rights and the prolonged solitary confinement he is submitted to for over three years was asked to stop his hunger strike. We recall that Mohamed Lamin Haddi has made several hunger strikes demanding his transfer and was always promised that his demands would be met which never happened. Therefore, Haddi refused to stop the hunger strike until he is in another prison and nearer to his family. In a testimony, his mother reminded his innocence and the necessity for the international organizations to react to what she qualifies as reprisals.

Ait Melloul and Tantan prison are not an option since the prisoners of the group have been equally ill-treated and in prolonged solitary confinement . Houcein Zawi was several months in Tantan prison in very bad conditions before he was transferred back to Kenitra. As it is the case in Tiflet2, the prisoners in Ait Melloul continue in prolonged solitary confinement and without medical attention which was reminded by Bani’s wife in her testimony in solidarity with Haddi’s family.

For several months, Abdallah Abbahah also in Tiflet2 and in prolonged solitary confinement renounced to go to the yard the few minutes per day he was allowed, due to the extreme harassment of the guards. He was not even allowed to dry on the outside having to wear damp clothes which demonstrate the cruelty of the guards. This week, the Director of the Prison and another staff member as well as the general coordinator came to Mr. Abbahahs cell after it was searched and told him to exit and that the guards would not harass him anymore. He remains however in prolonged solitary confinement.

The third political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik group detained in Tiflet2, Mr. EL Bachir Khadda is also in prolonged solitary confinement for over three years. His brother, due to his complete isolation, tried to visit him today, but was not allowed to see him.