PUSL.- Last night, a statement was published by SPS (official news agency of the Saharawi Republic) in which sources from the Saharawi Ministry of National Defense confirmed that the forces of the ELPS (Liberation Army of the Saharawi People) carried out a new missile attack against the region of El Guerguerat, the southern tip of Western Sahara, where Morocco opened an illegal breach in the buffer zone.

One of the targets hit by the missiles was the illegal customs post that the Kingdom of Morocco placed in the gap where trucks pass loaded with natural resources stolen in the occupied territories, agricultural products and also narcotics and contraband, destined for the African countries south of Western Sahara .

These latest attacks, which follow more than 600 bombings along the 2720km long Moroccan military wall, including bombings in southern Morocco on the border with the occupied territories, show the intensification, expansion and destruction of attacks against Moroccan troops. It should be noted that this is also a warning for civilians and companies that use the illegal passage.
The Ministry of Defense of the Saharawi Republic had announced at a press conference on 21 January that the Saharawi Army will extend the scope of its military operations from southern Morocco to southern Western Sahara to cover all sectors and defences where Moroccan troops are located in the Saharawi territories.

The silence of Morocco and the United Nations

“One of the main tasks of MINURSO is the monitoring of the ceasefire in Western Sahara” can be read on the official page of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara, despite the fact that none of the Blue Beret are monitoring anything, nor is there any information about the end of the ceasefire on the page.

Morocco insistently continues to deny the existence of war despite constant and daily attacks by Polisario. Morocco’s main concern was to continue with the illegal breach of EL Guergarat as it is currently the best and most effective route for all its trafficking in stolen goods and drug trafficking. In a continuous campaign of disinformation, Morocco tries to deceive the Moroccan people and the international community. A task that becomes increasingly difficult in the age of social networks. A Moroccan “army” of the Internet with thousands of people is dedicated full time to destroy, boycott, “hack” and erase any news from Moroccan citizens who denounce the war. But they also attack the pages and accounts of Saharawis and people linked to the solidarity movement.

Several audios circulated on the social networks of Moroccan truck drivers who were at the scene when last night’s attacks took place. In the audios that they published as they fled the site there are exclamations of fear and the sounds of missiles and explosions. The drivers sent warnings to those who were still on their way to Guergarat to turn back, that the war was real.

As this attack was reported by several international media, Morocco had no choice but to break the silence.

According to a senior Moroccan official contacted by AFP in Rabat, this is “A cycle of harassment”
“There were shots of harassment near the Guerguerat area, but it did not affect the main road, the traffic was not interrupted.” “It has been part of a cycle of persecution for more than three months” and “it has been going on for some time, there is a desire to create a propaganda war, a media war, over the existence of a war in the Sahara”, but “the situation is normal”, he guaranteed.

It follows that for the Moroccan government to be bombed with missiles “it is absolutely normal” and as long as the traffic continues to flow it does not matter what happens around it.

Keep in mind that in the declaration there was no mention of civilians or drivers, which would make this statement much more credible and show some concern for human life.

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