Esta entrada también está disponible en: Español (Spanish) Português (Portuguese (Portugal)) Français (French) Occupied El Aaiun – The Sahrawi Instance Against Moroccan Occupation (ISACOM) has called for an international investigation into the death of the young Sahrawi Mohamed Salem Fahim, holding the Moroccan authorities directly responsible for this crime.

“The Moroccan occupation authorities covered up the victim’s death for more than two weeks, failing to inform his family of the circumstances of his death and the location of his body, before they found him in the defective refrigerated mortuary of the occupied Laayoune hospital “, indicates a statement from the Authority reported by SPS.

“Doubts hover over the circumstances of Mohamed Salem Fahim’s death,” ISACOM said, calling on international human rights organizations to press for an investigation into the causes of death, while holding the authorities to the Moroccan occupier responsible for this crime “.

The organization also called on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to intervene to protect Saharawi civilians, in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva conventions, in particular the 4th convention.

“The organization renews its appeal to the Security Council to assume its responsibility in Western Sahara for the decolonization of this territory occupied by Morocco, which is called upon to respect internationally recognized borders and to withdraw from Western Sahara”, adds the same source.

Moreover, the direct responsibility for this new crime lies with the Moroccan occupier, ISACOM called for justice for the family of the victim.

The same body urged human rights organizations to “assume their responsibility towards the Saharawi people, in view of the return of war in this territory, following the violation, on November 13, 2020, of the agreement of the cease-fire by Morocco, by carrying out a military attack against Sahrawis.

As a reminder, also the Saharawi National Commission for Human Rights (CONASADH) held the government of the Moroccan occupier responsible for the assassination of Saharawi citizen Mohamed Salem Fahim in the occupied city of Laayoune.

“The government of the Moroccan occupier is fully responsible for this heinous crime and all the other assassinations perpetrated against defenseless Sahrawi citizens,” CONASADH said.

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