MEP Pereira questions European Comission about Saharaui political prisoner in Hunger Strike

Situation of Saharawi political prisoner Mohamed Lamin Haddi in Morocco

Mohamed Lamin Haddi, a Saharawi political prisoner in Morocco, is on a hunger strike. Arrested since 2010, sentenced to 25 years in prison, it is considered that his trial did not respect procedural rules, having never been proved the existence of a crime.

It has been reported that Mohamed Lamin Haddi has been in isolation since 2017, in a five-square-meter cell, with no minimum sanitary conditions, poor food and no medical support. The fragility of the health conditions of incarceration is enhanced by Covid-19.

According to his lawyer, the transfer request made to the Prosecutor of the Kingdom of Morocco has so far not been answered.

Given the above, I ask:

Did you take any steps to find out about Mohamed Lamin Haddi’s health?

How is this consistent with the existence of an association agreement between the EU and the Kingdom of Morocco, with clauses that provide for its suspension in case of violations of human rights, with the continued violation of the rights of the Saharawi people and with the persistence of situations such as described?

Mohamed Lamin Haddi