Faced with the serious situation in Western Sahara, the MLGEIIIR stands in solidarity with the Saharawi people

Equatorial Guinea – Espacios Europeos .- As our readers know, the Guinean and Saharawi people have several things in common, among them that the two were colonies and later Spanish provinces. But they are also the only two territories – Equatorial Guinea is an independent republic – in which the Spanish language is spoken. Therefore it appears, as the first language, in the Constitution of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. The Saharawi speak Hassanía, a dialect of Arabic, in addition to Spanish. Unfortunately, in the areas occupied by Morocco, the use of Spanish as a means of communication is being lost.

It is with great pleasure that we collect, and publish, the press release that has reached us through Oumar Salaou, doctor of Medicine (neurologist) and memebr of Culture and Communication of that movement.

Here is the statement:

The MLGEIIIR (Movement for the Liberation of Equatorial Guinea III Republic) stands in solidarity with the cause of the Saharawi people

“The MLGEIIIR (Movement for the Liberation of Equatorial Guinea III Republic) stands in solidarity, as it could not be less, with the cause of the Saharawi people. Our Saharawi brothers were, like the Guinean people, a Spanish colony and later a province. Number 52, us, and you, the Saharawi, number 53.

After several vicissitudes, we Guineans are a theoretically independent country, but governed by a terrible dictatorship that since August 3, 1979, the date on which Teodoro Obiang Nguema ended through a bloody coup, with the presidency of his uncle Francisco Macías. Since then we have endured persecution, kidnapping, arbitrary detentions, illegal trials and convictions, torture and murders that, despite our complaints, we have not found the slightest support in international institutions, including Spain.

Now the United States has changed the position it had for years on Western Sahara. Donald Trump, before leaving the presidency, left a poisoned dart by “recognizing” that your territory is part of Morocco. Until then, the United States abided by the declarations of the UN and international courts (CJEU), which considered that your lands were pending decolonization by Spain, which, in short, continues to be the administering power even though it does not act as such.

Faced with the continuous human rights violations to which Morocco subjects you, and especially that of breaking the ceasefire agreed in 1991, it has forced the Polisario Front to declare war on Morocco. The serious events that occurred in November last year in the Guerguerat area, where Saharawi citizens living in the liberated territory were vilely attacked by Moroccan settlers with the support of Moroccan military forces, forced you to say “enough is enough” and declare war the invader.

To this must be added the persistent aggressions that Saharawi citizens suffer in the areas militarily occupied by Morocco, as well as the plundering of your natural resources, something that the UN does not prevent despite the complaints, not only from the Saharawi people, but from dozens of countries.

Oumar Salaou, Jalil Mohamed and Martín Obiang Ondo in the presentation of a documentary on Western Sahara. Photo file.

Given the current circumstances – a new position for the United States and a return to war – the Board of Directors of the MLGEIIIR (Movement for the Liberation of Equatorial Guinea III Republic) has agreed to publicly express its support for the Saharawi people, while condemning the illegal occupation of your territory by Morocco.

We share the pain of the Saharawi people, because for years we have suffered from the presence of the Moroccan military and security forces, who supported the dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema without regard in his policy of oppressing the Guinean people.

The fight for freedom is priceless and justice will prevail. All peoples have the right to be free in their territory and you will achieve it.

Long live the Saharawi People! Long live the Polisario Front! The MLGEIIIR is with you.

Board of Directors of the MLGEIIIR ”.

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